Best Sites like Cartoon Crazy to Watch Cartoon Online


When we look back at our childhoods the first thing that we recall is the cartoons we used to watch. They were a part of our daily entertainment. All these cartoons have storylines that are impeccably written for the kind of audience they want to serve. Cartoons have a much larger fan base than other media entertainments. 

CartoonCrazy is one website that is renowned for providing a wide range of cartoons and anime. It is a hub for watching your favorite shows for free. With more than 25,000 episodes available at all times, it has emerged among the best online places for viewing cartoons. However, here are the best sites like Cartoon crazy that you can use in 2024.

Best Sites Like Cartoon Crazy 2022

Best Sites Like Cartooncrazy in 2024

1. Watch Cartoon Online

watch cartoon online

With no less content to view on their website, watch cartoon online is among the first choices of all the cartoon and anime lovers. It is by far one of the widest collections of anime, cartoons, movies, and TV Shows. WatchCartoonOnline is a premium resource not just in terms of the amount of content available but also for the vast audience that it serves. 

Unlike many other websites that provide anime content, this website is very well-structured and has the content sorted in a much cleaner way. If you have subscribed to watchcartoononline then you can also have updates of upcoming content. 

2. Kisscartoons


Kisscartoons is another great option to watch cartoons online. It has episodes available in abundance and all of them are available for free. The website doesn’t even demand you to register to watch shows and cartoons. However, if you want updates from the website you may register. The content is sorted for different categories and the viewer may find what he wants within no time. The only drawback of this website is its limited screen. 

3. Animepahe


Animepahe is one website that has almost zero negative reviews. If you are someone who went around asking friends for resources to watch anime and cartoon it is almost impossible that they didn’t suggest ANIMEPAHE to you. It has an excellent video player. The audio and video quality of content available here is simply amazing. Even the design of ANIMEPAHE is user-friendly. The homepage is ad-free which makes the user experience pleasant. Statistically, the website has monthly traffic of 2.5 million or more. You will find dubbed content as well as subtitled shows here. 

4. 9Anime


Here is a very unique website for anime lovers. 9ANIME is very popular in all countries. It has an even viewer base. It won’t be much to say that 9ANIME has one of the biggest collections of anime that might be listed here. But what is the one thing that makes it unique? It is the ‘user request ‘ option. If the show that you want to watch is not available, then you have the liberty to request for it. You will get a notification when it is uploaded. For this very reason, the website is generating traffic of more than 10 million viewers every month. 

5. Animeshow


ANIMESHOW is a perfect replacement for Cartooncrazy. There are chances that Cartoon crazy might not be available in your region that is when you can switch to animeshow. Its design is similar to Cartoon crazy. If you keep swapping between both the websites it won’t bother you with navigation. The website has large thumbnails with aligned titles that help one to navigate swiftly through it to find their favorite shows. The only setback of this website would be the pop-ups which are bearable. 

6. Otakustream


Otakustream has the right blend for viewers who have just started to watch anime and also the long-lived fans that love watching even the latest shows. It has all the latest releases. Along with this updated collection of episodes, it has many classics and famous shows. A unique feature that they have included in the day and night mode. Which gives you a different light and dark mode effect to watch shows during day or night. You may also like Best Sites Like GogoAnime

7. AnimeTV

animetv cartooncrazy

Another popular option for all the anime lovers out there is ANIMETV. Getting most of its 7 million viewers from the US, ANIMETV has pretty much everything you are looking for. It allows you to signup using your Facebook or Twitter account and then notify you based on the previous shows that you watched. Even though the left and right sides of the bars are filled with ads, it is very convenient because of the efficient video player. 

8. Anime Toon

anime toon

When you open ANIME TOON you will realize how simple its design is. While most of the people might think that it lacks content, it has equally good content. You will probably not miss any anime or cartoon that is liked by a significant audience. It has a well-sorted view of all the genres that include comedy, action, adventure and even romantic. Therefore no matter what your likes are, you will have a great experience. Also, check out Best Anime Websites to Watch Anime

9. Cartoon Network

cartoon network

Who hasn’t heard of it? By far the most famous network both online and on television for kids to watch all their favorite cartoons is the cartoon network. Though television has a restriction on the number of shows that can be broadcasted, the online website still has everything you are looking for. SO what are you waiting for? Go cherish your childhood again!

10. Free Online Anime

Inclined more towards anime, tv shows and episodes instead of cartoons, the website has been catering to its fans for a very long time. It has a very neat design and is symmetrically representing all the shows on its pages. This directly implies the fact that FREEONLINEANIME is very easy to navigate website that makes it a highly recommended option for anime fans around the globe. 

Final Words:

The fanbase of anime and cartoons is increasing every year. With the trend being continued with more shows and cartoons even the current generation is watching them right from the classics. To fulfill this interest of theirs, the above mentioned are the 10 best sites like Cartoon crazy in 2024.


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