How To Play From The Beginning In Disney Plus?


DisneyPlus, one of the leading OTT platforms now come with yet another useful feature for its subscribers. The new play from the beginning features is now added for the subscribers of this platform. Let’s collect some information about this play from the beginning feature of the Disney Plus Platform.

How To Play From The Beginning In Disney Plus

How to Play from the Beginning in Disney Plus/begin?

Disney+ platform is gaining massive popularity day by day as the platform offers a variety of content from various providers such as National Geographic, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, Disney, Pixar, and many other more.

In the beginning, Disney+ was not up to the mark. There were many problems encountered by the users. Today, there are no issues faced by the users, the platform runs smoothly and gives you the best of entertainment at your fingertip.

The missing features on the platform have been added recently by Disney+. You can now watch content from the beginning using the new feature added by Disney+. Also, check out How to Fix Disney Plus Keeps Changing Language?

Disney Plus/Begin: Play from the Beginning

Step 1: Log in to the App

The first thing you need to do here is open the Disney+ app on your device and click the login button. Enter the login credentials to get logged into the app.

Step 2: Continue Watching Option

You can search for the content you want to stream using the search button after you log into the app. Or you can scroll down and see the continue watching option on the contents you left watching in the past.

Step 3: Click the “i” option

Hover over your cursor to the “i” button to open an information window about that content.

Step 4: Click the Play from the Beginning option

Now, to watch the content from the beginning in Disney Plus/ Begin, you just need to select the Play from the Beginning button of the content with the continue watching section.

That’s all about the new Restart feature added by Disney Plus for its subscribers. To play from the beginning, use the Search option instead of hovering over to the Continue Watching option.

Just head over to the search option, type in the name of the content you want to stream, or select it from the categories. Start watching the selected content from the beginning.

If you don’t want to watch the movie or the show from the beginning, go to the continue watching section and click on it. The content will be resumed from where you have left watching.

Moreover, there is an option to add your favorite content to the list of Watchlists. You can select the Add to Watchlist option to prepare your library of movies and content that you want to watch in the future.

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What if the restart/ play from the beginning button doesn’t appear?

If there is no Restart button appears, just open the content using the Continue Watching Window. And then click and drag the playing cursor to the beginning of the window. The same technique that we use on our mobile devices while watching videos on any other app.

The movie or the show will begin playing from the beginning which means the selected show or the movie will be automatically restarted and you can watch it from the beginning. Also, check out How to Activate Login/Begin URL 8-digit Code?

Final Thoughts:

We all know that Disney+ is offering new features regularly. The platform is constantly improving its user interface to serve the best entertainment to its subscribers. By adding this new play from the beginning option under the continue watching feature, streamers can now watch the content from the beginning without any hassle.


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