Why there is a need for an eCommerce Mobile App for all businesses?


As technology is evolving more people are getting dependent on technology. From young individuals to old people, we are getting more inclined towards the use of technological evolutions. Whereas the credit of people adopting tech in daily life stuffs from grocery to essentials electronics goes to the eCommerce companies. 

According to an independent study report, about 96% of adults in America uses smartphones

In the past decade, there is immense growth in the eCommerce sector. Developing nations came out as the emerging market to fully utilize the potential of this sector and we can see the massive expansion of eCommerce in the countries like India, China, Africa, etc. 

If we see the growth of this sector in detail we will observe that availability of mobile devices has been a mass tool in the adoption of eCommerce mobile apps for all businesses. Using a mobile app an eCommerce company can bring more traffic and generate more income rather than other companies. 

We can under with the introductory para that if you want to generate revenue from the eCommerce model then you need to have a dedicated mobile application. For doing that task you can have look at the DICEUS eCommerce app development company. It offers a wide variety of IT-related high-quality services. They complete their projects keeping the need of customer choice and requirements. 

Reasons for the need for an eCommerce app for all businesses: 

1. Mobile business is in trend 

No matter how is the market condition the sales of mobile are always shows positive growth. This means that people are buying more smartphones and relying on apps to make their life easier than before. As the sales are increasing more companies are reaching out to the app market for smartphones. Apps are in trend and we can clearly see there are popular apps on the android play store and apple apps store that are downloaded in billions in number. To exploit the vast market that is present online an eCommerce app is necessary for businesses. By realizing their sole eCommerce mobile apps companies can explore the rising market around and earn profit in larger amount than ever before. 

2. Consumers prefer apps 

If you are a company or business organization and generating your revenues online by using a website and having any mobile application to do that, then you are doing a blunder. Being a business owner if you are earning just by a dedicated website on eCommerce websites then you are looking market that is just the tip of the iceberg. 

If you have a mobile-friendly website then it is good to have one, as around 85% of people go for websites that are mobile-friendly and load faster. But trust me you are doing a blunder by not bringing your business on mobile apps.

According to a report on mobile apps, about more than 88% of people prefer to buy products and services using dedicated mobile apps from any eCommerce company. As mobile apps have a number of reasons for the customers to opt for, many inbuilt features are loved by a user and can be customized by the customer side too. 

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3. Competitive advantage 

If being as a company you are relying only on a website for eCommerce sales then you are at a great disadvantage. In the next line, you will understand why we are saying this. 

The seller always wants more features that attract its customers towards any kind of sales and services. With the inclusion of apps in their selling arsenal the companies can get a massive competitive edge for their business growth. The data collected on the apps are actively used by the companies to cater lucrative offers by understanding the online buying behaviour of their customers. More offers directly mean more loyal customers. So it is always preferable for the eCommerce companies to have mobile applications too. 

4. Higher conversion rate

At any point in time, the conversion rate of a visitor to potential buyers of a mobile application is always higher than a website. The conversion rate of a consumer is 85% higher on a mobile app than buying from an eCommerce website. Therefore more conversion means more profit for businesses. 


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