TopStore App – Best Alternative iOS App Installer of 2024


If you are looking for an easy way to download third-party apps and games, look no further than TopStore. With thousands of apps, games, emulators, tweaks, and more, there’s something for everyone.

topstore app

How To Download TopStore?

Downloading TopStore is really quite simple. All you need is your device on a strong internet connection and the TopStore configuration profile:

  1. Using Safari browser, download the TopStore configuration profile
  2. Click on Install on the popup window
  3. When TopStore has finished installing open your iOS Settings
  4. Tap General > Profiles and tap the app profile
  5. Tap Trust and TopStore are ready for use.

How To Use TopStore?

Using TopStore is very simple:

  1. Open the app from your home screen
  2. Tap on one of the app categories
  3. Find what you want to download and tap it
  4. Tap on Install, when it’s done the app will be on your home screen

App Features

With TopStore, you are getting a whole heap of features. It’s free to use, fast to download, and the apps and games are sorted into categories. You can download:

  • iOS Apps – Plenty of iOS apps and games 
  • Exclusive Apps – Cydia tweaks, game emulators, screen recorders, streaming apps and more
  • Top Games – some of the very best games with extra features

Fixing Common TopStore Errors:

Overall, TopStore is reliable and stable, but we are getting reports of a few common errors. Don’t worry, though; if you experience any of them, they are simple to resolve:

White/Blank Screen:

This looks far worse than it and is simple to fix:

  1. Launch iOS Settings on your device
  2. Tap Safari
  3. Tap Clear Website data
  4. Close Settings and try TopStore again – it should be back to normal

You can also follow the same steps for a greyed-out app icon.

Stop TopStore Crashing:

TopStore is not an official iOS app, and, because of that, the app certificate will be revoked within a few days. It doesn’t matter how many times you start over, and the certificate will be continually revoked. Get out of this and use TopStore in peace by using a recommended VPN or an anti-revoke app.

How to Delete TopStore

If you need to get TopStore off your device for any reason, i.e., you can’t fix an error, or you don’t want to use it anymore, it is simple to do:

  1. Open your Settings app and go to General
  2. Tap on profiles and tap the TopStore profile
  3. Tap the option to Delete Profile
  4. Close Settings and TopStore will be deleted

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions get asked about TopStore more than others, so here are the answers for you:

I Get an Untrusted Developer Error – How do I Fix It?

Very easily:

  1. Open Settings and go into General
  2. Go to Profiles, find the TopStore profile and tap it
  3. Tap on Trust, close Settings and try again – you should be able to use TopStore now

Will Using TopStore Void My Warranty?

No. You don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad, so you are not hacking the iOS or breaking into any of Apple’s security. However, using Cydia tweaks may cause problems – if your device has to go in for repair, just delete them first.

How Safe is TopStore?

Yes. As that jailbreak is not required, your device isn’t at risk of any external threat. The developers monitor the app regularly and issue updates on a regular basis too. They also included SSL encryption so you can download it in complete safety.

Download TopStore today and delve into the thousands of apps and games on offer. Share this among your friends and followers and tell us what apps or games you are downloading from the store.


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