Petar Solo Ads: A Comprehensive Guide


The free methods of generating hits might work but they will require you to put in your valuable time, efforts and even after putting these two important things in it, it does not guarantees you success. These free methods include SEO, backlinks, SMM, etc. if you know about all these then you know how hard it is.

If you are a new brand or a newcomer in the marketing field then you may want to get a lot of traffic without waiting for months or even years. In order to do that, you need to ask for a helping hand from the paid methods of gathering traffic. And according to the professional’s opinion, paid methods are so far the best to get the thing of hits done quickly.

To be more precise, petar solo ads review has proven them to be the fastest and the most reliable in terms of gathering traffic on your links.

Here are the advantages of using solo ads:

It provides a wide and targeted audience

A good ads provider will always have a god extensive list of thousands of subscribers. These subscribers will be no one other than his personal audience that signed up for his newsletter to receive email updates about the good content he provides. All that under a specific niche that you want to advertise for. Talk about a perfect match!

Therefore, by using this professional method of advertising, you are targeting the audience that is willing to engage in your content. They will open the mail and they will engage in the activity described in it.

You do not have to do the hard work

You will obviously make use of someone else’s prepared list. However, you can use these solo ads for generating your comprehensive list too, by providing a link to your landing page and when they willingly click on your landing page link, you can get their email address.

In this way you will be equipped with a giant email list within a few hours, that too by writing just a single email and not thousands of articles.

This will also enable you to gather some extra passive income since you can also then start your own solo ads campaign.

You need not do anything

The good thing about these ad campaigns is that you don’t have to submit the ad on your own. In fact, all you need to do is give the email copy and the link to provide traffic.

This will save you a lot of your precious resources like time, and effort that you can spend on something else.

It is economically efficient

Solo ads are comparatively very cheap as compared to other ad campaigns and that is what makes it special. Just think about it, you get massive hits for the lowest price, isn’t it special?  It costs so low that even placing an ad in a newspaper will cost more than this

One more noteworthy thing is that even a Facebook campaign will take longer to yield results, but you need not wait in case of these ads. They yield the results as soon as it starts running.

A solo ad finishes within a day and you can check the results as soon as a single person opens and checks the mail.

How to start with these ads?

When it is a matter of choosing the best provider out of the slew in the market, you have to keep in mind that the mantra is not to approach someone with loads of email in his list but to choose someone with active and responsive subscribers.

There are a lot of campaigners who don’t have a large exhaustive list, but even having a low user base, they got active and responsive subscribers on their list. Therefore, a person with 2000 emails in his list can be better than a person who has 1000000 emails.

Few questions to ask

Here’s a list of questions that you must ask before making deal with a campaigner. These are:

  • How many subscribers did he get on his list?
  • How many adverts he has dealt with?
  • What does it cost for emails opened on average?
  • How many adverts he has repeated in the last two months?
  • Is there any conversion rate? If yes, then what is it per offer?

If you asked these questions and got the answer, read this: if a campaigner has sent around two to three solo ads per week then he is a good one to consider. If a campaigner sends more than that, chances are there that he is spamming his audience with emails, and they no more open emails from that sender.

What after finding a campaigner?

Once you’ve found a campaigner, the next step is to write a catchy ad copy.

Here are tips on this:

Make use of a catchy headline

Just like your campaigner; people subscribe to others’ email lists as well. Therefore, chances are there that a person is on multiple email lists. Hence, it is the title that will make you stand out from other Petar solo ads campaigns.

Be creative

Make sure you make use of proper English with no grammar mistakes and easy-to-read sentences just like this article. Make use of creative writing as well. Do not put in unnecessary information and keep it simple and to the point.

Understand the audience

It is very necessary for an online marketer to know his audience. Find the problems that your audience is facing and then come up with a solution for the same, Understand their core desires as well.

Make sure you include the link to your website

If you believe that these things are too obvious then do not. You will not believe but even then gurus forget to put up links to their websites in their ads. However, do not stuff the website link anywhere and make the ad look more like spam. Put it only once and that too in a relevant place where there are chances of user to click.


So that was all about solo ads. You can always refer to this article when looking for detailed information about the same. That’s all for today folks.


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