The Top 3 Spy Apps of 2024


In the following spy apps reviews, we are going to familiarize you with the top 3 spy apps: eyeZy, Minspy, and SpyBubble. But why on earth would you get involved in spying? 

Well, we all have to do some sort of espionage in our lives to ensure the safety of our loved ones. Sometimes, we become spying parents to monitor the activities of our children, while sometimes we have to spy on our spouses to save our relationship. Likewise, there could be many legitimate reasons for spying. 

Unlike the pre-modern era, where getting your hands on a piece of information was very difficult, spying on a person in this tech-driven world is relatively far easy. 

top spy apps

No matter whom you want to monitor, your children, your spouse, or your employees, all you would need is a spy app for your phone. These apps to control screen time and browser history, even a free spying app, are the best way to achieve your monitoring/spying goals. 

However, there can be a dilemma for you that these apps for spying come in a huge number which makes the process of choosing the best spy app for a phone difficult and confusing. To your ease, we are providing spy apps reviews that can help you greatly through the selection process of apps for spying. 

Why It’s Helpful Application for Everyone?‎

eyeZy is the best app among all the apps for spying. The reason why we have put this app on the top of the list of ‎the three best spy apps in 2024 is that it offers the entire features imperative for properly monitoring the online activity of a child.

Unlike other apps for spying, which confuse the user with so many unclear functions and features, eyeZy facilitates parents with its limited yet very selective features to put a check on their children remotely to make sure they are safe. 

It is, however, not just a parental control app. It is equally helpful for putting a check on employees, spouses, and boyfriends/girlfriends. The app allows you to remotely control programs and apps on a planted phone and provides you with detailed reports. 

Another reason that makes eyeZy the best among the rest is its nominal price. Additionally, the app, which works very secretly in the background mode, without coming to the notice of the user of the planted devise, requires no installation on iPhone. 


eyeZy is an inexpensive spy app for phones that ensures the safety of your loved ones for less than $1 per day. It is very easy to install. The installation completes within 10 minutes. The app is reliable and secure, as it encrypts and protects all the data. No one, except you, can have access to the data. 

eyeZy makes sure that you get up-to-date information. For this purpose, it updates all the data about the target device every 5 minutes. 

The spying app enables you to see all the text messages, even the deleted ones from the target device. You can read messages sent and received via online messengers.  

The app also keeps you updated with detailed reports of all incoming and outgoing calls and allows you to track the GPS location of the target phone. Other facilities include access to social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder, Snapchat, etc. Besides, you can also see photos and videos from the gallery of the target device. 

With more than 2000 positive reviews, 87% of eyeZy’s customers are very happy and satisfied with the app and its features. Its users have also strongly recommended others to use this app for ensuring the safety and well-being of their loved ones. 

Minspy ‎

Minspy is a safe and distinctive spy app for phone or tablet devices. This is not a free spying app but charges about $2 per day for spying on a target phone. The app allows spying on computers, mobile phones, and tablet devices via a web browser. Proximity with the target device is not an issue for this app. You can track and monitor the target device from any location. 

Minspy is easy to install and gives services such as monitoring online activity, ‎GPS tracking, ‎ and monitoring calls and messages. It also allows the monitoring of social media platforms

SpyBubble ‎

The third app on our list of 3 top spy apps is SpyBubble. This app is easy to install and use. Its performance in stealth mode is laudable. One of the interesting features of SpyBubble is its ability to take pictures without bringing them to the notice of the concerned person. 

The spying app provides a detailed record of incoming and outgoing calls along with the recordings. Remote camera access, stealth mode, GPS tracking, and screenshot capture are some of the salient features of SpyBubble‎. 

This app is relatively more economical than Minspy, offering monitoring services at ‎ $25 per month‎. 

We hope that our spy apps reviews will surely help you to make an informed decision about the safety of your dearest, and the stability of your relationship. 

P.S: Don’t forget to check laws and regulations about digital spying in your jurisdiction without installing any spying app.


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