Best Way to Find Dedicated Tech Talent for Hire


The dedicated team or simply DMT is the real trend in IT recruiting. With this type of cooperation, you as a business owner can have your tech requirements met for less money without sacrificing the overall quality of the project. But for this to happen, you will need to learn about all pros and cons of this model, little details, and the hiring options available to you. This guide will help with this, so you can become a real expert in this, not-so-well-known topic. 

Who are dedicated developers?

A lot of product owners and team managers are still unclear about the clear definition of who are dedicated developers and what is a dedicated team. Because of the novelty of this hiring approach, the specific semantics are still to be debated, but overall, DMT is the software development team that works solely on your application, much as your own in-house employees would. But with this cooperation model, IT professionals on your payroll are working remotely, usually as contractors, for a lengthy period of time, until the project is completed. Often DTM is located in different countries and hired with the help of a vendor or local IT company. 

Best Way to Find Dedicated Tech Talent for Hire

Why hire dedicated developers?

Let’s talk about reasons to choose a dedicated team for your app’s development over other options. First of all, with remote hiring, you can bring on software engineers from all over the world, which not only broadens your horizons and gives you access to an unprecedented talent pool, but also helps to cut costs significantly. IT professionals from Eastern Europe, South Asia, and Latin America, will charge you much less for their services, than their counterparts from North America or Western Europe. It is possible due to differences in currency exchange rates and lower costs of living there. So, if your company is located in a country, where local tech talent charges a lot, dedicated developers can really help to save some money on your salary budget, without sacrificing the overall quality of the future app. 

You can also cut costs of renting office spaces, buying or renting hardware, constantly buying supplies needed for work, and paying some taxes and insurance. Another positive for many team leaders and product owners is the ability to be flexible with team structure. You can bring developers on board for some specific tasks and stages, without an obligation to pay their salary after their work is done, or work with a limited number of core team members, giving some small portions of work to freelancers to save some money. The possibilities are really endless here. 

How to hire dedicated developers?

Before you start searching for the perfect dedicated development team for your project needs, you and your associates will need to have a clear blueprint for the future app, preferred team size and structure to bring your plans to life, your estimated budgets, a list of soft skills necessary, hiring location, and other details, the more the better. This will save you a lot of time and resources in the future. 

Of course, you can try to find a dedicated team abroad by yourself, or even assemble one from scratch. There are IT companies all over the world that provide their employees for outside projects for a little fee, but navigating foreign markets all by yourself can be a real headache, and building a remote team is a really difficult task. So, considering you save a lot of money on a decreased salary budget due to the cost-effective nature of DMT, don’t be afraid to pay a little extra and hire a professional vendor to help you with the hiring process. 

There are a great variety of IT staffing companies that specialize in helping developers and business owners meet and start successful partnerships all over the world. Among the most popular ones are Bridgeteams, BairesDev, YouTeam, and many more. Finding a perfect match can be a difficult task of its own. 

First of all, try to identify the best region to search for developers in. Factors to consider are time zones difference, geographical proximity, level of English proficiency, average salaries for IT professionals, etc.  Then, you can start to search online for vendors who are working with tech talent from the region of your choosing. Of course, pay attention to customer reviews on third-party sites to avoid scammers, and don’t fall for the cheapest option available, this choice will backfire down the road. 

During initial contact with an IT staffing service, pay close attention to their communication skills, response time, and other little things that will be important for successful cooperation. When presented with potential candidates’ portfolios and resumes, insist on taking part in the interviewing process, mainly to confirm your future employees’ soft skills. Their tech knowledge already has been tested, but don’t be afraid to give some additional test tasks, just to be sure. 

Don’t forget to discuss data security protocols beforehand (they can vary from country to country and not be up to international standards), and sign NDA with both the vendor and development team. Also, talk about logging protocols, regular updates, and other means of keeping tabs on the development process. The level of your involvement will be up to you, but this aspect needs to be discussed early on. Always try to have a project manager overseeing the remote team, so your whole time and resources won’t be wasted on this. 


A dedicated development team is a great solution for any business in need of a digital product for a reasonable price. You can save some money while gaining access to a global pool of talent, and being creative with team structure and scalability. With this approach being relatively new, navigating all hiring options and details to remember can sometimes be difficult, but with the right staffing agency chosen and this guide, you can hire expert dedicated developers from any place on Earth and build a great app for your business needs. 


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