5 Best Instant Messaging Apps 2021 For iPhone


Technology has broadly driven the world of communication. Going beyond just simple SMS messages, MMS, and voice calls, we have various social messengers in the market now that fully fill all the needs of messaging without paying any extra charges for that. We have had hundreds of different messaging platforms online today to choose from. But the default SMS messaging services are still working. These messaging services usually come up as preloaded on phones. If you are looking for the best alternative messaging apps, we are here with a few of the most excellent options.

best ios apps

#1. iMessage

Specially designed for iOS and MAC operating systems iMessage is one of the most beautiful instant messaging apps that offer users the facility of sharing texts, photos, videos and audio messages through it. The app is being developed by Apple Inc. iMessage has livened up your personalized conversations due to the involvement of amazing camera effects, full-screen animations and a lot more. You can create your animojis here and can also develop emojis well matching your mood and personality.

Moreover, the app is being designed to send messages in the group. Now, you don’t need to share the same message with your friends separately, create a group and send it at once to all if required users are free to save their messages in the cloud as well.

#2. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the leading names in the field of messaging apps todaythat doesn’t require any special introduction to make it. Whether you are willing to send some text messages or are ready to make in a video call, WhatsApp makes it all easier for you. The best thing about this amazing app is that you can share your preferred messages in bulk without spending too much of time and data on it.

You can even make groups here and share your life stories in a well-designed status feature as well. Rather than sending text messages, videos and photos with your friends if you are interested in making audio or video calls as well,WhatsApp also enables you to do that as well.

#3. Kik Messenger

It is another one of the most popular messaging apps in the list that offers you the opportunity of sending different formats of messages to the people in your contact list. The kik online gives you the facility of selecting a screen name instead of a real name or phone number in the app. It means that you don’t need to explore your details with others. This messaging app is very much popular among mobile gamers who love to have random chatting usually during playing games.

You can now continue your messaging services using various stickers, emojis, group chats, video chats, themes and a lot more. The only thing that can block your access is your internet connection, so focus on that also. The app also includes various in-apps purchasing as well. You can make use of it to add some additional sticker packs and other related stuff in the gameplay.

#4. Facebook Messenger

If you are willing to chit chat with your friends without revealing your contact number with them; Facebook Messenger is one of the most excellent platforms to choose in. It is a dedicated messaging app that makes it quite easier to get connected with your online friends.

The messaging app is quite efficient of sending, delivering, reading receipts, making video and voice calls and much more regardless of the limitations of boundaries. Facebook Messenger is a free app that makes it entirely more comfortable to share your thoughts with your friends in just a few seconds. Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging app that only requires a working internet connection to run it seamlessly.

#5. Snapchat

Moving forward with the other best messaging app in 2019; Snapchat is the name that is something else more than the standard text messaging. It is a unique messenger app that supports text messaging photo messages, video messages, voice calls and much more without having any disturbances. You need to have a working internet connection to send and receive any message. Taking you beyond the limits of text messaging, Snapchat offers you the freedom of sharing your short stories with your friends in terms of videos and photos as well.

One of the best things about Snapchat is that it doesn’t keep any history of shared messages. Messages once read gets automatically deleted from a person’s timeline after 24 hours. You can easily add several friends of yours to Snapchat using a unique snap codeor you can also make use of your contact list as well to add your friends into Snapchat. Adding more into its features; the app also includes various camera filters to add up some twists into your stories.


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