How to Work With PDF on Windows 10?


Working with PDF files on Windows 10 is mostly the same as in the previous Windows versions. There are only some minor changes that are designed to improve the PDF feature on Windows 10. You will find yourself quickly getting used to these changes when working with your PDF documents on your Windows 10 computer.

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Saving a PDF Document

Any file you open on Windows 10 can be saved directly as PDF. For example, you write an article in a Notepad and you want to save it as PDF. Saving a document as PDF is the same as printing it. In this case, you will have to go to File > Print or press Ctrl + P to bring up the Save print Output as a dialogue box. If you try to print the document to PDF on Edge, it will not give you the option to customize the file name and folder location. The same thing happens in the Photos app, the file name of the document will be auto-generated.

Working with a PDF on Microsoft Edge

Windows 10 comes preinstalled with Microsoft Edge. When you click on a PDF link or open a PDF email attachment, it will automatically open in the browser without you having to install any third-party PDF viewer application. Every PDF document you open in the browser will be automatically downloaded into the Downloads folder. If you don’t intend to save the PDF, remember to go to the Downloads folder and delete it.

With Microsoft Edge, you can also fill in a digital form. Just click on the field and type in the information you need. If you want to sign your PDF document, click on the ballpen icon and your mouse will be transformed into a ballpoint. It will also display a drop-down menu that let you select the pen color from black to different tones of grey.

Edge does not provide all the functions you need for editing a PDF so you will have to install a third-party PDF editor. You may consider buying a subscription to Adobe DC Pro. The premium software is equipped with a comprehensive range of editing features for working with your PDF. However, to access most of the features in Adobe DC Pro, you have to subscribe to Adobe’s Document Cloud. The standard free version, Adobe Reader can only be used for viewing and filling PDF forms.

Alternative PDF Editors for Working with Your PDF Document

There are other cheaper PDF editor alternatives like Movavi PDF Editor. The software does not have as many features as Adobe DC Pro but it has just what you need for editing your document. With the PDF editor, you can easily convert all your images into a single PDF document. In an existing PDF, you can create a blank page and directly enter the text. It can also open a fillable digital form and let you fill in the fields with your keyboard. You can draw your signature as if your mouse is a ballpen or draw it with your tablet. If you want to add an image, first drag the image into the file drop zone to open it. Next, copy the image and go to the PDF to paste the image.

Editing Your PDF Document with Online PDF Editor

If you have access to the internet, you can use the online PDF editor to edit your PDF. This is because it requires you to upload the PDF. Before using the online PDF editing tool, check the limitations such as PDF size limit, number of times you can use the tool, etc. After editing the PDF, you will have to download it again.

Using Drawboard PDF to Work with PDF on a Windows Tablet PC

If you are using Windows tablet PC, you may find a preinstalled PDF editor called Drawboard PDF. Drawboard PDF is also available as a pro version designed for professionals who are involved in the design/construction field. With this PDF editor, you can perform functions such as adding annotations, merging documents, rearranging the sequence of the pages in the document, digital protractor, and grid and line templates.

How to Set Up a Default PDF Reader?

You need to set up a default PDF reader if there is more than one PDF editor on your computer. You can set it as default by right-clicking it and selecting Open With > Choose another app > Always use this app to open .pdf files. There is also the option of making changes to the default app by going to Start > Settings > Apps > Default Apps > Choose default apps by file type. In the list, scroll down and select the PDF editor that you want to set by default. ` By setting the PDF reader as default, it will automatically open the PDF you want to view in your favorite PDF software without having you select it from choose another app menu.


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