15 Best Rabbit Alternatives: Sites Like Rabb.it to Watch Videos


The Rabbit was one of the most renowned and unique video streaming platforms. It was unique in terms of the features and integrity that it gave to its users. Starting in 2014, rabb.it allowed users to share the video content as a host and allow others to watch the same with them. It made the sharing of visual content and real-time possible and seamless. ‘Rabbitcast’ is the virtual node that shares visual content. This article will share the best sites like Rabb.it that work similarly to this website. 

The main difference between Rabbit and other streaming sites like Netflix is that it doesn’t own content, but it allows the host to use their browser and map any content here for the viewers. The concept of sync-watch websites is fascinating. It gets people with similar interests together. Who doesn’t like the company while watching something interesting? The ability to create a room and host these people was very innovative. Let us see some websites that provide similar services or even better. 

best rabbit alternatives

15 Best Sites Like Rabb.it in 2024

After searching a lot, I have found some of the best sites like Rabbit in 2024 that can be used for video streaming. These sites work like a charm; you won’t feel disappointed after accessing them. So, without wasting much time, let me show you some of the best Rabb.it alternatives.

1) Synaptop


One of the very few websites that gives complete freedom in terms of content sharing is Synaptop. Founded in 2010, the website gained immense popularity for its user-friendly experience. Consequently, the creators decided to create an app for Synaptop, which increased their business by a huge margin. As the web version for smartphones was not very feasible, this app helped the users have the same experience. Synaptop is supported by all operating systems. 

2) Togethertube


Togethertube is another perfect alternative sites like Rabbit as it has all the functionalities from it. The homepage of the website itself is very neat, and it takes no time for the user to understand it. Everything here is self-explanatory. 

As soon as you open Togethertube, you can see an insert box where you have to provide the link to the chat. This will automatically take you to share any content that you want. Togethertube’s defining feature is its search feature, which allows the host to look for content without leaving the website. 

3) Blatube


Now we have Blatude in our list of sites like Rabbit 2024. It doesn’t go all excited with its features. Instead, the strategy was to give users an experience that brings them back repeatedly. Blatube has kept all its services and access free for everyone. Also, it doesn’t want you to register or sign up. Hence, all you have to do is host and serve the content. You may also like Best Sites Like Vipleague to Watch Free Sports

The main reason behind its popularity is the simple interface, which is attractive to the audience. It feels like a premium website, and when you navigate through the site, that is the first review that will come to your mind. The content can be borrowed from any website. 

4) AndChill


Andchil has a very symmetric design that gives users all the control and comfort in terms of usability. The right side of the main website shows your previous content-sharing data. It also helps you review the number of people who watched the content you shared. On the left half, you have the necessary options. 

There is no other exclusive feature here. But even in their absence, the website has been able to pull a lot of people on it. The traffic on AndChill has obviously been great, and it is right among the top alternatives for the rabbit. Also, check out Best PayPal Alternatives to Send & Accept Payment Worldwide

5) Gaze: Best Rabbit Alternative


If you are looking for something that not only replaces Rabb but also gives you something more than that, then this is the best option for you. The Gaze is an elegant website right from the first look. Not only is it beautiful visually, but the features that it provides are impeccably good. The customer reviews about Gaze reflect the same. 

If you want to get the most out of this website, Gaze offers a full demo option that will give you proper guidance for using all the tools and features included in Gaze. This is very important; otherwise, you will find it like any ordinary content-sharing website. Give it a try! You can share any content from the web or the ones that are available on your device using the exact same procedure. 

6) Watch Together


Watch Together is not the most lenient of them all, but it definitely does what it has in the best way. Like all the other websites listed here, Watch Together also allows you to share content with others in the chat room. The first step would be creating a personalized chat room and inviting people to join it. Once this is done, you can start sharing the desired content.

The main constraint here is that you are not allowed to go beyond the platforms that allow content borrowing. YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, Vimeo, and Daily Motion are websites that are allowed to use. Apart from this content sharing, it allows you to share music and listen to it simultaneously from any standard music website or application. Also, check out the best sites like TheWatchSeries to watch movies and series online.

7) Mycircle.tv

mycircle tv

When choosing the best sites like Rabbit, MyCircle Tv is one of them. Just hop in and start sharing. Yes, that is how mycircle.tv works. Whether it is to watch movies and shows or listen to music, this website does it all. Again, all the services that they promise are free. You can easily create a chatroom on the website and add people by sending invites. Apart from sharing content from other popular video streaming websites, you can also upload content from your device and share it with the people in the room. 

8) SimulChat: Sites Like Rabbit

sites like rabbit

A great rabbit alternative that makes the user experience efficient with all the additions is SimulChat. Not only does it allow you to share visual content, but it also gets all the supporting tasks done on the site itself. You can do everything from creating chatrooms to sending texts or calling people while still being on SimulChat. After that, you must borrow the desired content and share it with your chosen audience. 

9) Sharetube

sharetube rabb.it alternatives
sites like rabbit

It is another one of the best sites like Rabbit in 2024, to watch your favorite videos. With a big advertising design on the homepage, Sharetube makes it to the list because of its easy-to-use user interface. We must admit that this website’s screen player is among the best we have listed here. Like Rabb.it website, the content sharing quality is reviewed great by the audience, so we recommend it to all our readers. There is no need to register or sign up; just create the room, and you are ready. 

10) Kast

kast sites like rabb.it

Kast is among the few platforms which have tried to trace the legacy of rabb.it in a very subtle way. There is no quality or content issue here. That is why it can be critiqued as a proper alternative for rabb.it. The website includes all the useful features like texting, voice sharing and content sharing for free. It is optimized to be used on all operating systems. The iOS is app is soon to join and then people will be able to access it through mobiles as well.

11) Netflix Party

netflix party

Netflix Party is a Chrome extension that allows you to watch Netflix together with your friends. This is not one of the sites like Rabbit, but it works only with the Chrome browser, and it is pretty easy to get started with. All you have to do is add the extension to your browser and then select a video, and you will find a sharing link. Then, simply share the link with your friends, and together, you will be able to watch Netflix. However, it does not work with any other platform like YouTube. But as long as your main goal is to watch Netflix together, you better try this extension out.

12) TogetherJS

togetherjs rabbit alternative

The next one that you can check out is TogetherJS. This tool is designed for Mozilla Labs and comes loaded with many features. It comes with features like real-time collaboration for websites and applications. Also, you can use it to watch movies and videos together. Also, you can get started with the tool free of cost. This one is an open-source JavaScript library, and it works with all kinds of websites and local videos. Overall, this tool is a great Rabb.it alternative that you can check out.

13) Explorii App

explorii sites like rabb.it

For my next pick, I have the Explorii App. This one is a mobile app with the aim of allowing you to connect and explore the world. This app is a great option for learning about culture, food, fashion, habits, etc. But apart from this, the app also comes with other features. As a result, the Explorii App works pretty much like a social networking app. You will get features like chatting, private rooms for movie watching, instant messaging, group calls, free internet phone calls, and so on. And yes, the app is free to use.

14) Kosmi


Kosmi is also one of the best rabbit alternatives. The platform does not require you to sign up or download any software. You will also be able to create a room where you can chat, communicate through video, and explore a bunch of other features. Moreover, you will also be able to share your screen or browser tab to watch videos together. You can also watch local video files, and so on. Getting started with Kosmi is also extremely easy, and you don’t have to pay for anything at all.

15) Tutturu

tutturu rabb.it alternatives

Up next, you can check out Tutturu.tv. This one is a shared browsing service, just like Rabb.it. On this app, you will be able to invite your friends to your room and broadcast anything that you like. Moreover, it also comes with many features like private rooms with integrated text chat and voice chat, virtual machine-based shared browsers to synchronize any website, screen sharing, and so on. As a result, you can watch movies and videos together absolutely free. However, compared to other tools, this one lacks many features. But still, it does a pretty good job though. Also, check out How to Watch Peacock on Vizio TV | peacocktv.com Vizio Premium

Wrapping Up:

Sync watching is way more fun than it sounds. One has to experience it. These websites provide a safe environment because you don’t have to give out any of your personal details. So what are you waiting for? Choose the best platform for yourself and start sharing your interests with others. 

This was the collection of the best sites like Rabb.it in that works in 2024. You can use these Rabb.it Alternatives 2024 to watch videos just like the Rabbit website. Now go ahead if the sites are working for you. If you have any questions regarding this article, let us know through the comments.


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