Tips To Know Which Registry Cleaner is Use To Fix Your Damaged Register


In this article, I am going to talk about which software is able to fix your damaged or broken registries without any complications. There are a lot of Registry Cleaner Software available out there for the job but not every one of them is as good and clean as they say they are.

If you use your PC or laptop on a daily basis then that will eventually lead to the build-up of all the residual files on your computer system. And for that problem your computer system needs a good optimization tool or a good cleaner software is sometimes the only solution for this situation.

These software or program tools will help you with any Window Registry Issue that your computer system may be having. Windows is a little complicated operating system but this system is only complicated due to how customizable it is in terms of its behavior. You can practically change a lot of things in Windows which is the reason why the system is prone to so many attacks.

So, I am going to give you some of the best registry cleaner with which you can fix the damaged registry on your computer system. 


On top of the list of the best registry cleaner is Restoro. This software not only repairs the damaged registry which are caused by malware but this software also removes the malware from your system.

This software efficiently scans your computer system for any kinds or errors or irregularities by comparing those with the database and immediately fix the issues and errors. You can also set this program to monitor your system constantly which can ensure that all the real-time threats can be protected and the faulty registries can be repaired and files from the moment they appear on your PC. 

Some other benefits of this software are: Restores your PC to peak performance, replaces the damaged windows files, restores and replaces the DLL files, removes malware threats, repair virus damage and so on.

Registry Repair

This is another one of the best registry cleaner software. This software is a tool much like the other registry cleaner. Registry Repair scans your PC for all the damaged, broken and faulty registries and tells you about the errors present in your system and it will attempt to fix those errors.

What makes this software different from others are that the number of details it shows about the errors present in your system. Registry Repair tells you exactly what is wrong with your system which makes it easier for you to decide what to do with it. The scanning speed of this is decent but the result of it are thorough.

Wise Registry Cleaner

This software is one of the new programs in the market. This one has a simple and good-looking user interface which helps you to grow through your registry faster than the other programs and software on the list. 

Wise Registry Cleaner scans your computer system for faulty errors and fixes them for you. You can also schedule registry scans for the protection and safety of your computer system. This software will also automatically backup your registries in case anything goes wrong with your PC.

Advanced System Care

This software is most probably the best-looking software on the list of registry cleaners in terms of their interface design. This software itself has a lot of features but for this article we are going to focus on the “Registry Clean” tool.

If you are not a tech-savvy or tech-enthusiast then this tool will be great for you as the interface is really simple and easy to use and the software is really quick with its work no matter the number of errors your registry has. You can also shut down and restart your computer automatically after the cleaning is done and the software also automatically backups your data for you.


This is one of the best registry cleaner software and also popular tool to clean your registry. This software was not specifically made to just clean the registry but this has the best tools for it. This software will automatically backup your registry data before doing anything so if anything goes wrong while cleaning the registry, you can always restore the data.

This software also fixes the faulty and damaged registry for you as well as cleaning them from your PC. This software is also available as a portable software so you don’t have to install it to use it.

Registry Life

This software is one of the simplest tools for you to use. Registry Life has its own helpful Wizard who helps you though the process rather than you randomly clicking buttons and options to select. 

This software will also restore your registry besides cleaning your registry errors and irregularities so that the Windows has faster access to it. You can also fix registry errors and issues of your computer system through Registry Life.

IOLO System Mechanic

IOLO System Mechanic is not only a software for you to boost your PC and process the optimizer but it also helps you clean, repair and optimizes your registry.

The process of IOLO System Mechanic has two big steps: (1) Automatic repair of registry problems which includes cleaning, optimizing and issue detection, and (2) Automatic Repair of registry fragmentation problems.

The registry is an important part of your Windows system and this software will help you keep it working the clean the errors and issues from it. So that you won’t have any problems with the system.


This software is one of the oldest software out there to clean your registry errors and repair them for you. This one is even older than the CCleaner software, thus it one of the trusted software for the work as well.

The user interface is not pretty and it is really old but EasyCleaner gets the job done. this software may take a bit longer than other new software to scan the registry of your computer system. Despite these the software does a thorough job with your PC. It is also available in portable version, so there is no need for you to install it.

Glarysoft Registry Repair

This software is one of the great free registry repair tools. Glarysoft helps you to fix your registry and optimizes your PC performance. The registry scan process will automatically start once you open the tool. In few steps you will find the faulty and damaged registry entries and them you can choose to repair them or the software will automatically repair them for you. 

You can also Undo your cleaned registries if you want. Other features of the software are: Spyware remover, disk repair, registry cleaner, shortcut fixer and some others.

 RegSofts Free Window Registry Repair

This one is also one of the registry cleaners and repairing tool out there. This software takes a long time to scan your registry than the other software’s but the results of the scan looks decent. 

The freeware registry repair tool automatically creates backup for your registry entries and key registries, so you can restore them if anything goes wrong. This software also repairs the damaged registries for your PC.

So, these were some of the software and program which are clean and helps you to fix the damaged registry on your Windows system. Hope this article was helpful for you. Thank you for reading!!!


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