Guidelines in Conducting Market Research for Businesses


Sydney’s thriving economy easily makes it one of the largest contributors to Australia’s annual GDP. With key sectors like retail, tourism, and technology, the city abounds with opportunities for people looking for work, as well as people looking to start a business. This economic advancement, coupled with Sydney’s support for entrepreneurs, easily makes the city an attractive place for start-ups. Looking for a place to launch your creative and innovative ideas? Sydney is the right location!

Whether you are new or experienced in the business world, you will likely have to conduct market research. If you are operating a new business, it can serve as a gold mine of information to help you come up with a product or service for your target market. Alternatively, if you have been running a business for some time now, research can keep you updated with the trends to ensure your strategies are still effective. Thus, hiring market research companies in Sydney can give you access to the best resources and tools.

Identify Your Target Market

You have to initiate by identifying your target market or audience, so you can define the scopes of your research. Without knowing this, you will have no sense of direction with your study since you will not know where or what your focus should be. Start by creating a target customer profile with demographics and psychographics like age, gender, occupation, education, and other factors. Once you have a profile in mind, you can anchor your research to understand the needs of this segment.

Define a Problem

Market research can be done even without a major threat, but it still helps to define a problem to understand what you want to get out of your study. Are you trying to increase your market share? Expand your customer base? Build stronger brand equity? Ask questions that will help you come up with the problem, so you understand clearly what you need to look for during the data-gathering process. When working with market research companies in Sydney, you will typically discuss all these questions and concerns at the beginning, so you can work with the company to come up with a defined problem.

Check Your Competitors

While doing your market research, you have to check the other industry players to understand what your competitors are doing. Knowing your competitors’ strategies will help you come up with competitive advantages and unique value propositions to stand out from all the other players. At the same time, you can use this as an opportunity to see how receptive your target market is to your competitors’ marketing campaigns. Does social media appear to be an effective way to reach your customers, or do blogs and emails perform better?

Engage with Your Audience

Knowing your target market will be significant for data-gathering since you can engage directly with your potential customers and get insights from them. Through methods like conducting surveys, providing free samples or trials, or posting polls, you can test the market’s reception to your idea or get a general feel of how the customers perceive your business. With these results, you can get a better idea of your audience’s needs, as well as the best channels to use to reach them.

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