Easy guide to Access the Dark Web on Android


If you are thinking that the WWW (World Wide Web) is remarkable, with its millions of websites and its more than 2 billion users, then you should think again now. Whatever you are seeing on the web is not even 10 per cent of the internet. The dark web contains 90 percent of the internet and includes information more than the surface web. It has 550 billion vital documents compared to the visible web or surface web.

There are more than 200,000 dark websites that exist and the public can access them easily without any problem. You do not have to pay anything to access these sites. It is rapidly getting bigger and it is the fastest-growing category for unique content on the internet.

Basics of Accessing the Dark Web

The first thing to keep in mind is that most of the valuable information available on the dark web is outdated already. It is a fast-changing environment and contents get outdated very quickly. You would find a lot of rumours and myths related to the deep web or dark web which is really not true and totally false. If you are planning to access the dark web from your laptop or computer, then you should use Tor which is the perfect browser for starters. In this article you would come to know about accessing the dark web on Android.

Access the Dark Web on Android

The first thing which you would require to do is to get some applications so that you would be able to connect to Tor and the vital privacy tool which protect user’s identity and their all online activity while accessing the dark web. There are many applications which would surely help you in this but Orbot and Orfox both are the perfect one. Orbot would allow you to connect to Tor and Orfox is mainly a browser which you would use for the navigation purpose.

Orbot would work by giving a unique IP and it will change after every minute. By doing this, tracker cannot track your IP address and he/she would not able to find what you are actually doing on the dark web. It will not save you from malware and fatal viruses. This is the main reason why you should run antivirus software.

Download NordVPN and properly configure it

You must download NordVPN which can help you in strengthening your privacy by linking to the dark web via VPN. You can get it free with an in-app purchase and you can select a country for the VPN by going through either a list or a map. After signing to the NordVPN, you can go for the server list and select “Onion over VPN” to get connected to the dark web.

Download Orbot and Orfox from Google Play

You can find both these applications free of cost to download and they are the most famous dark web applications for starters. They would not take much space and its installation process is very easy.

Use antivirus software

Before you go ahead to use the dark web, make sure you have downloaded and successfully installed the antivirus software. It would really help you in many ways to protect you from harmful viruses. You can find reliable antivirus software on Google play for your Android device. Kindly get it downloaded and installed before using it. Always search for a good one for the protection of your mobile device and never compromise on the quality of the application.

Get connected to TOR through Orbot

It is really easy to connect to Tor with the help of Orbot. You just need to boot up the application and then it would load for the start-up process. Once you successfully connected to the dark web, then surely you would get the message of it.

It is very easy to access the dark web from your android mobile device. The possibility of getting information is endless and it all depends upon you. You would get vital and high-quality information and it would be very difficult for you to ignore it for sure. If you are accessing the illegal sites and content, then the chances of getting caught are still there. Always be on the safe side by not going through such types of illegal sites.

The Bottom Line

Are you thinking to give it a try? If yes, then you should do it right now itself.  Make sure you are considering all the vital factors before going further. Always use this dark web on the safer side so that you would not get into trouble. Also, make sure your all information is safe before using these sites and try to avoid giving your personal information to anyone. If you are doing it, then surely you are putting yourself at a big risk.


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