How To Create A Perfect Wedding Video On Your Own?


A wedding is a wonderful event that plays a crucial role in lovers’ lives. If you decide to create a DIY wedding video, you have one chance to shoot a chronology of your wedding day. And then make a lovely, romantic, fascinating wedding film yourself in video editing software.

Creating an original wedding video yourself is a rather challenging task. All wedding video ideas have long been used several times. Whether you are filming your wedding or desiring to present it to the newlyweds, you want the video to evoke strong emotions even after a few years.

For such a case, we are going to show you tips on making a wedding video yourself, which will be a pleasure to rewatch from year to year. Our article will be beneficial for professionals, amateurs, and lovers themselves who want to take under their control the process of creating a DIY wedding video.

Decide On a Concept

It’s one thing to watch someone else’s wedding videos in preview or trailer format admiring the style, music, video effects. And it’s quite another thing to edit your wedding clip and add video effects with video editing software, to rewatch it: how your voice trembled during the wedding vow; your first meeting at the altar in wedding attire; congratulations from parents and loved ones, etc.

Decide what exactly you want to include in your DIY wedding video and show your future kids the celebration, the emotions of your guests, or the whole wedding day. It’s essential to identify the moments that are fundamentally precious to you.

Write a Script

If you create a wedding video yourself, you need to understand that the clip should reflect all the bright moments and convey feelings and remember that shooting a classic wedding video yourself is much easier than using extraordinary ideas and unusual props for shooting.

If you have a shooting plan, you will spend less effort. To make everything look as natural as possible, you need to think everything through, even if you are going to record video on your iPhone.

Try to plan all the key moments. Furthermore, re on the whole process and won’t be distracted by organizational issues. Moreover, it will be easier for you to add video effects and edit your clip later as a whole. Therefore, it’s better to think over all the details of the DIY wedding video in advance.

Prepare All Necessary Equipment

Whether you are shooting budget video with your smartphone or using a professional camera, it’s vital to take care of the condition of your equipment and a full battery. It wouldn’t be superfluous to purchase a tripod for image stabilization so that the camera conveys all the most significant moments of the ceremony and celebration.

In addition, even the most stunning footage with bad sound turns into a terrible video. But you can watch poor footage with excellent sound, and you won’t even be ashamed to share it on TikTok.

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You realize that perfect silence during a wedding ceremony happens in movies only, don’t you? Then pay special attention to sound recording and get, at least, a small microphone in advance. Then you don’t have to add a bunch of video and audio effects to your DIY wedding video.

Save Material to Multiple Sources

Once you have shot all the necessary material to create your wedding clip, you need to store it somewhere before uploading it to the video editing software. High-quality videos shot on the camera of the latest smartphones take up a lot of space. So we recommend you create several copies and use several storage options.

The most optimal is a USB drive, an external hard drive, or cloud storage. As for the latter option, you will have access to video materials from absolutely any device. You can store the final version there and share it with friends, family, and loved ones as well.

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Review Footage

You have finally found time to move on to the editing process in video editing software. But you have to rewatch all the material to choose the most successful frames that will make up your DIY wedding video.

Here we can’t give you any advice. It all depends on your wedding video idea and screenplay. However, you won’t skip this point. It’s critical to choose the frames from which you are going to make the final video.

Video Editing

Before creating a wedding video yourself, you need to select the footage according to the script. Then edit picked files and combine them into a wonderful wedding video. Even though it sounds complicated for an ordinary user, you won’t have any problems with the right video editing software.

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Today numerous apps are available for beginners and have lots of cool features with a user-friendly interface. At this stage, you need to cut and merge fragments, add music to video, and various video effects. The main thing is not to overdo it and save the video in several formats.


Video editing is a long and painstaking process that requires attention and concentration. However, the result will surely please you and warm you in the evenings for many years.

After you have finished working in video editing software, you can demonstrate your DIY wedding video to the closest and dearest audience. Your friends and family will appreciate your creation.

After watching, you can share the video with a larger audience on your social media accounts or even upload the video to YouTube. Perhaps your wedding clip will get to the top in a particular category.


As you can see, it’s possible to create a wedding video yourself. Your desire to make a DIY wedding video is an attempt to keep the whole range of emotions of a magical day forever, save warm memories, and capture the unique atmosphere.

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Preliminary preparation plays a significant role in creating a wedding film. It includes the development of your video general concept, the format and style selection, check of equipment, and the choice of video editing software. It won’t be superfluous to write a script in advance, think over locations and props.

Moreover, the editing process is no less critical than shooting during the event. However, it’s not always possible to devote time to this process, or maybe you simply don’t want to learn how to use video editing software. Therefore, the market offers various wedding video editing services that can do all the work for you. It saves you a lot of time, and you get an excellent wedding film for a relevantly low price.

Let the day of your family’s creation be awesome. And the DIY wedding video will keep these wonderful moments in perfect quality!


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