Why folding knives is a must if you go outdoor on trekking a lot?


A folding knife which is also called a pocket knife is a handy tool that can be used for a number of purposes. This kind of knives is mostly used outdoors. You will hardly see anyone using a folding knife in the kitchen or anywhere in the house.

Imagine you are out camping with your friends and you need to cut fruit or open a package. What do you use? Yes, a folding knife. This is why you should carry a folding knife with you while going out. Speaking of which, there are different varieties of best folding knives available out there. Before buying a folding knife make sure that it is sharp enough to cut through different materials.

why folding knives is must

Since folding knives are a handy tool, you can make good use of it when you go out on trekking, camping, and hiking or for any other outdoor activities. In fact, you should carry one of these every time when you go out. You never know when you may need it.

Importance of Folding Knives

When you are out in the wild, you never know what may happen. Therefore, you need to be prepared at all times. For example, if you are going out on trekking, there are few things you must carry in your bag. One of these essentials is a folding knife. No, it is not only meant for boys but even girls are advised to carry one of these with them. You can use the folding knife for a lot of purposes out there. In case, you are still in doubt, you should go through these pointers once.

1. First aid

Yes, you can use a folding knife for first aid as well. For example, you can use it to remove thorns and splinters. You never know what may come your way in the wild and therefore, it is better to stay prepared. However, you need to be careful while using the knife for first aid purposes as it can be dangerous as well.

2. Peeling and cutting fruits

When you are out for trekking, it is obvious that you are going to feel hungry. In this case, you can use the folding knife to peel and cut fruits. Not just that, but you can also use it to open a package or something or cut something else that you want.

3. Opening canned items

Other than cutting and peeling fruits, you can even use it to open food items, if you are carrying any. A folding knife can be used to open beer or ketchup bottles as well. This is the most convenient tool you can have out in the wild. It is small and easy to carry.

4. Protection and self-defense

You can even use a folding knife as a great self-defense weapon. If you find yourself in a sticky situation, the least you can do is protect yourself. In this case, a folding knife can be used as a great weapon. With the help of this small knife, you can at least injure your attacker and get a chance to escape from there. It always better to stay prepared than to regret it later. Carry a small knife won’t bring you any harm rather you can protect yourself using it.

5. Extracting objects

Folding knives are known to come with pointy blades which can be used to extract small objects from crevices and cracks. In that case, the only handy tool you can use is a pocket knife.

6. Cutting ropes and small branches

Having a lot of trees and branches on your way is a common trekking experience. If you don’t wish to get hit by the branches while walking you should use a folding knife to get them out of your way. A folding knife may be small in size but they are really very sharp. It can actually help you cut small branches that may come your way. You can also use the knife to cut ropes and other similar objects.

7. Digging

Another great reason to have a folding knife with you is that you can even use it for digging. For example, you can use the knife to dig a hole for latrine purposes. Well, there is nothing gross about it when you are out in the forest. Instead of using your hands, you can use the knife to dig holes wherever you want.

A folding knife is nothing less than a small weapon which can be used for several purposes. Now that you know the main uses of a folding knife on trekking, you should definitely carry one with you. You can easily get one of these knives at any local store. However, make sure that you buy a good one.


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