A Ladder for A Wiser Life: 7 Tips To Increase Your Daily Productivity


In a world full of interruption, time management is a need for daily life resulting in a healthy lifestyle. When you are a kind of a workaholic, surely you know the importance of time management, going to work on time without being haggard, and still, have the confidence and that elegant look. 

Moreover, it is also one of the tools for success because, as the saying goes, “the early bird catches the worm”. Have you not thought about it? Being early makes you collect the early surprise and with the excellent news containing it. Also, when you have time management, you’ll be able to work under pressure, to spend your time wisely, and to engage yourself in the proper discipline in terms of being punctual or being on time. Here are seven time management tips to increase your daily productivity.

Create a To-Do-list

To work effectively from home, it helps to create a To-Do list with a set of clear, achievable goals. This will help you track your time and purpose each day. It should involve a set of times for a specific activity that you will do every morning. From your wakeup call up until your arrival at your work. This is your navigator to success and your first step in effective time management.

Limit Distractions

Distractions are one of the biggest obstacles to your productivity. Limit unnecessary things every morning, such as, procrastinating, checking emails, and even waste so much time while taking a bath. These things will not help you to be on time. Instead, this will consume most of your time every morning. Remember that one of the essential time management skills is not to get distracted.

Stop Self-deprivation

It’s such an effort to stop the cycle of self-deprivation when you are too used to it. However, it has to be removed in your routine. A consistent lack of sleep or reduced quality of sleep will only give you a hard time waking up early in the morning. You need to finish everything in the evening and use your time properly to avoid this type of bad habit.

Always Wear Your Watch

Watches are more convenient than looking at your cellular phones to be timely updated. A glance in your wristwatch is not a hassle than taking a sneak peek at your mobile phone. In certain situations that you can’t look at your cellular phone because it may seem rude; you can just simply look at your wristwatch. You can even use a Speedmaster because it creates a look that even your neighbor or workmates if you are in a work field, can observe. As for the fact that people tend to wear a watch to complete their get up’s. This product could be the perfect get up setter even without the other accessories. This watch is a total bang for any men or women who loves to wear a watch and who keeps their relationship in time healthy.

Don’t Procrastinate

Procrastination steals your time and energy. It might be because you feel that you’re not capable of achieving your goals, off track, or the task is tough to be completed. However, you need to remind yourself to get everything you do as soon as possible to avoid this kind of habit. It is one of the significant factors that hinder your productivity.

Avoid Spending Time in Suing Gadgets

Gadgets are a big colossal time-waster, and it’s important to detach and minimize dependence on technology once in a while.  Spending so much time using your gadgets will only steal your time in doing extraordinary things. Try to avoid this stuff in dealing with yourself in the most crucial activity that is listed on your To-Do list to set your day more productive.

Get Enough Sleep

Health officials have been telling us to get enough sleep to stay healthy and boost immunity. However, we tend to forget its importance. It’s essential to get good quality sleep on a regular schedule, so you feel rested when you wake up. It will help you regulate your body correctly, which makes you more productive in dealing with daily activities every day.


A general guide for yourself based on your goals and what works for you will allow you a lot of flexibility and not pressure yourself to complete everything. This gives you structure and a sense of control and stability in achieving a lifestyle with productivity and time management. These seven time management tips will help you accomplish your goals if you want to increase your daily productivity. 

Effective time management plays an essential role in our relationships, our jobs, and our businesses. The better you become at time management, the more accomplishments you will harvest from all facets of your life. Make it a lifestyle and everything will follow smoothly. 


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