Tips On How to Avoid Car Accidents


Any driver has the responsibility of protecting the passenger, and motorist and ensuring that he gets to the destination safe and securely. This can be achieved if the driver is careful on the road and also follows all the rules and regulations provided in the law. Sometimes we may follow all those guidelines and still find ourselves involved in an accident due to the mistake of another motorist. Here in New Jersey, Not all drivers follow all those guidelines and that is why you have to take some extra precautions when driving.

avoid car accidents

Here are some tips that might help in preventing common accidents.

When driving, we are faced with a number of distractions such as phone calls, texts, radio, GPS, video players, and many other distractions that limit our concentration on the road. You should always give 100% concentration on the road when driving to accidents, it takes just a look at your phone, and the next thing you see is a hospital bed. Text, phone calls, and videos can wait.

  • Limit driving at night

No matter how good your eyesight is, when driving at night, you are at risk of being involved in an accident than when driving in the daytime. It is dark, and the road is not clear and thus reducing visibility, incoming cars with bright lights can light you up leading to you losing direction and hence an accident also drunk drivers tend to drive at this time, and they are always reckless. So if you find yourself driving at night, you should be very cautious.

  • Keep your car in the best condition.

One of the most common causes of accidents is car malfunction; therefore you should always take your car for servicing regularly and replace any part of the car that might be worn out if you notice any faulty noice take it to the mechanic for a check-up.

  • Avoid over speeding

Speed kills, many people have died in accidents which have been as a result of overspeeding, so when driving, you should ensure you keep up with the recommended speed according to the federal highway administration. When driving at a moderate speed, you can avoid an accident, and in case the accident is unavoidable, the accident will not be very vital. Once the accident has happened, you can contact a car accident attorney in Newark NJ, to help you in the reporting and compensation process.

  • Scan the area and be updated on the blind spot.

There are a number of spots on our roads where accidents are common because of sharp corners, potholes, sliding, and many more reasons. So when driving you should be aware of all those areas and if you are unfamiliar with the road, ensure you drive carefully and slowly to avoid being a victim.

These are just a few of the tips to follow to prevent a car accident; following all these tips does not guarantee you to be 100% safe from an accident. In case you are involved in an accident you will need a car accident attorney to help you in reporting to the police, filing the claim for compensation to the insurance company, and fighting for your rights. Meeting and claiming your claim to the insurance company might take a long and end up being under-compensated.


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