6 Things You Should Know Before Painting Your Garage Door


Painting a canvas, a wall, or a door in your house indeed is a fun activity to look forward to. Some of us might have second thoughts about painting a particular object in the first place. It all seems to be complicated. Which type of tools should be used in the first place? What kind of paint should you use? Or what is the proper stroke should you use in painting in the first place.

Painting a door is one of the easiest ways to start. All you need to do is follow these steps before you begin painting; to have an easier path and turn your pale door into a more colorful one. These steps will indeed show you how to paint in a much smarter way. Make things uncomplicated and follow these guidelines on how to paint your garage door.

Guide One: Choose Your Paint

One factor you should keep in mind on how to paint a garage door is to choose the best-suited paint for your project. The paint you should choose depends on what material your door is made of. Wood and Metal material is usually the option in kinds of doors.

One of the most common questions in starting to paint is how much paint do you need? For every to 16 square meters, you will need 1 litre of paint. There are also different kinds of factors on how much paint you should buy in the first place.

  • If you are only applying the same color from the original paint, you will probably need less paint.
  • Wood materials usually take more paint than other materials.
  • Always make sure to check if you covered the spot right.
  • One of the most important factors is using the right tool on a specific project.

Guide Two: Choosing The Right Tool

Choosing the right tool and pairing it with what you intend it to be applied on is essential to save an amount of paint. For example, in painting a garage door, you will need a paintbrush, a roller, and a rolling pin. These are the most common tools that are usually done when painting. However, rollers are mostly used in painting garage doors for having large and flat surfaces.

Guide Three: Power Wash

This step also depends on what material is used for your door, whether wood or metal. If it is metal material, you will need a wire brush to brighten the door’s surface. On the other hand, if it is a wood material, you will need to use sandpaper to slightly clean the door away from dirt, dust, or grease.

Keeping the surface of the door that you will paint clean and away from dirt, dust, or grease helps it in the long run, for these kinds of substances can leave bumps that can potentially leave chips in the future.

Guide Four: Painters Tape

This is important to leave or cover frames that you don’t want to get painted, such as doorknobs or edges.

Guide Five: Paint Each Square With a Brush

Always brush first the part of the door where it is not visible while the door is closed. Keep it dry first before painting the remainder of the door. Applying a second layer when painting a door can give it a lot to make it look more vibrant. Always make sure to paint from the inside of the part of the door to the outer part.

Guide Six: Primer for Wood and Metal Doors

Always use primer when painting for wood and metal doors. Another important tip is using a top coat paint for a finishing touch when dealing with wood material helps it have an upbeat outlook when completed.


Painting a garage door might be complicated to think about, but things will get easier once you follow these steps. Turn your pale door into a much more vibrant looking by just following these few steps.


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