Download PPSSPP Gold Apk V1.8.0 For Android


In this article, we will show the best method to download and install the PPSSPP Gold Apk Version 1.8.0 PSP Emulator. Many users asked for the installation tutorial to download the PPSSPP Gold Emulator. Therefore, we bring you this article to solve your problem. Here you will get the complete instruction guide and more information about the Apk and its features. You can easily download the PPSSPP Gold 1.8.0 Apk with this tutorial.

ppsspp gold emulator

PPSSPP Gold Apk V1.8.0

PPSSPP Gold is a PSP Emulator which helps you to play PSP Games in your Computer and Mobile too. And the best part is that you can enjoy the PSP Games in HD Quality and you don’t need a PSP for it. PPSSPP Gold is an Open Source Apk that is absolutely free. It is licensed under GPL 2.0 or later. PPSSPP Gold will increase your entertainment level as you can play PSP games in HD Quality in your mobile, tablets and computers. You can also customize your on-screen touch controls, or you can also use an external controller like Keyboard. You can save and restore your game anytime and anywhere.

PPSSPP Gold Emulator Apk V1.8.0 Info

  • App Name: PPSSPP Gold – PSP Emulator
  • Version: 1.8.0
  • OS: Android 2.3 and above
  • File Size: 29.23 MB
  • Last Update: 2019, March 25
  • Developer: Henrik Rydgard

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How to Install PPSSPP Gold Apk V1.8.0

  • Firstly, download the PPSSPP Gold Emulator Apk V1.8.0 in your device.
  • Once the downloading process is done, then the Installation Page will now open.
  • Tap on Install option to install the PPSSPP Gold Apk

  • Then Tap Open.

  • And with this, the PPSSPP 1.8.0 Apk will be successfully installed in your device. you can now enjoy PSP Games in your device.

Features of the PPSSPP V 1.8.0

  • It will avoid Crash when you will Start the PPSSPP Emulator which mostly occurs because of bad AMD Vulkan Drivers.
  • Many of the users were facing Naruto Shippuden 3 Hang in the previous versions. But now in V1.8.0, you don’t have to worry about it. It is fixed now.
  • Another bug is fixed which was PowerVR Vulkan display Corruption. You will not face it in the PPSSPPP 1.8.0 version.
  • In the previous versions of PPSSPP users were also facing the problems in controlling the Sonic Rivals and Rock Band. So this problem is also solved now in the V1.8.0 PPSSPP Gold Apk.
  • Different Lighting Bugs are fixed which were creating issues in the previous versions of PPSSPP Gold Apk.
  • You will notice and enjoy FF4 and all generated curves with more speed in the New PPSSPP Gold Apk.
  • It allows the user to resize Vulkan on Linux. Which was not in the previous versions.
    Best and Improved support for GLES (for Linux/IoT).
  • As we can see in the previous versions that in Earth Defence Force 2, it does not perform well. But in the New PPSSPP Gold Apk V1.8.0, you will find an improved and significant performance in Earth Defence Force 2.
  • In the new you don’t have to face PPSSPP 1.8.0, the “Real Clock Sync” Setting bug. It will help you in Latency for music games.
  • You will find a new feature in the new version that Frameskipping is now based on the Percentage.
  • Non-window users who were facing Motorstorm Freeze in the previous versions of PPSSPP, they don’t have to face it now with V1.8.0.
  • You will be able to transfer Blocks fastly in the different games like Digimon Adventures.

More Features

  • If you noticed the blending problems in the previous versions of PPSSPP, then good news for you! You will find blending improvements and optimizations in the latest Version od PPSSPP.
  • Best improvements for the Gran Turismo Sky users. You don’t have to face the thick white line which was irritating in the previous versions.
  • Tired of facing issues in D3D11 Rendering? If yes, then congratulations, In the Latest version of PPSSPP Gold Apk, they are fixed up.
  • You can now change the default graphics backend to OpenGL or D3D11.
  • Here is another option, the latest PPSSPP 1.8.0 include for its users, that with ipv6, fixing the Remote Disc Streaming is not a problem now.
  • Latest PPSSPP does not include outdated settings as the previous versions do.
  • You can also see the improvement in the bug fixing of the drivers for 5xx series Qualcomm GPUs in Vulkan.
  • In the new PPSSPP Gold V1.8.0 Apk, you will find Qt port issues fixed with improvements in the recent performance.
  • X/Back button issue in the UWP Xbox One is not a problem now, which was a big confusion in the previous version.
  • With all these fixes, Formula 1 2006 issue in timing will not bother you now.
  • The vertex rage culling bugs which were breaking some games are not a problem now.
    The new PPSSPP Gold Apk also allows Android Users to put PSP Storage on SD cards and other custom paths.
  • Artdink users can experience a correction in VOCP Instruction and Models Fixing.
  • So these were the amazing features that are provided by PPSSPP Gold Apk V1.8.0.

Final Verdict

So this was all About PPSSPP Gold PSP Emulator Apk V1.8.0. How to download and install PPSSPP Gold Emulator Apk? New features of the PPSSPP 1.8.0 and All info about the Apk, You can find all this information in this article. So read the article completely. And Enjoy playing PSP games in your Mobile, tablets, and PC.

Finally, I want to thank you for visiting this website. Please keep visiting here for more tech updates. I hope this article will be helpful to you and you will like the article. Also if you have any query, suggestion or doubt related to this article then feel free to ask in the comment section. And please share this article with all the people you know on your social media profile.


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