Online Tool to Type In Malayalam Using English Keyboard


Sometimes it does happen that we get stuck with the languages. There are a lot of languages that need to be scripted for local papers and documents but is that really possible to do? Of course with a variety of translation-based online tools, it’s completely possible. Rather with the advanced technology in writing tools, the conversion is possible. Even something like English to Malayalam typing using the English keyboard. The process manages communication with distinction and this can begin only after the appearance of writing within a language community. 

Typing in Malayalam languages

There are a good number of Indian language apps that can help you type in the local language like Malayalam scripts using English letters on keyboards. This is called a transliteration tool which is automatically going to convert the English letter into the Malayalam language script based on its sound. Even with its use, you can also write WhatsApp messages, SMS messages, emails, and many more in your own language just by typing the words as they spell in English.

This type in Indian language app permits you for sharing and storing converted messages using any kind of app on your phone. These can be WhatsApp, SMS messages, Gmail, saving as documents, and many more. 


Looking forward to the best features of these online tools

  • These are very comfortable and easy to use as transliteration tools. 
  • The words will easily get converted automatically when you hit the space button after typing the word. The conversion happens based on the sound of the word you type in English. You don’t need to learn how to type the complex combinations of native language letters. Then just type the sound in English and your word will be converted automatically. 
  • Just selecting the sound of the English letter is enough to convert it to the local language. 
  • This helps with sharing messages using WhatsApp, SMS, or Gmail directly from the app using the buttons provided. Even you can use the “copy” option to paste the message on facebook, Instagram, Twitter posts, or any other app that you have on your phone. 
  • You can also store the message as a document on cloud storage apps or simply store it on your phone using the “other apps” option. 
  • Supports 7 Indian languages like that Marathi, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam. The best part is it’s one single app. Now send messages on WhatsApp. SMS or Gmail to your friends in your native languages and impress them. 
  • Very easy to use. You don’t really need to use those complex Indic keyboards anymore. You don’t need to be very accurate in the sound as well. The app is intuitive enough to understand what you are typically and converts accordingly. The app shows some suggested words also as you type your words. You can choose from them too. 

Top apps to type Indian languages on Android

It’s the Google Hindi input app, which provides great features like Hinglish predictive text and phonetic conversion. Google’s app is limited to only the Hindi language and vernacular language support is missing. 

Indic keyboard

This is a comprehensive app that supports around 23 languages and around 54 layouts. Indeed this can be a better choice when you are thinking of English to Malayalam typing. This is quite faster and among the best app to write in Indian languages. This is lightning-fast to load and the performance is of top quality though the app size is more than the competitors. You can set up the keyboard as a default one and this is also free and open source so that you can assume it with collecting and selling your data. 

Swift key

The users can consider it among the most popular android keyboard supporting around 9 languages. And Malayalam is one among them. Apart from that it also supports Devanagari, Tamil, and Gujarati scripts. This is highly customizable and not just that but is easy to use and bears an unmatched auto-correct accuracy. They are hence considered the pioneers of the “swipe to type” and predictive testing. However, it’s not that supportive of phonetics and some of its features come at a cost that would make it second on the list. 


The swalekh is one of the relatively new apps that would bring a lot of features to the table. The main selling point is its 3 modes of typing. The native, phonetics, and mechanic, with native you do have your regional characters on the keyboard. But in the phonetic mode, it refers to transliteration which means that you can type the English and the text gets converted into your selected language. Whereas the macaronic mode is a dual setting that would let you type in your language as well as in English. 


Zero integration and a completely profitable solution that permits users for interacting within the website in 18 languages. This is simply embedded with a smaller script into your webpage and starts receiving profiles, contacts, forms, comments, emails, scraps, and personal designs in the user’s preferred languages. 

Features to follow

  • The complete one includes simple javascript API and gets your website enabled in just some minutes. 
  • The contextual tooltip is going to help the new user type easily in different languages.
  • This does support textbox, text area, and iframe-based rich text editors. 
  • This supports 18 Indian languages including Malayalam. 
  • Supports all standard browsers including internet explorer, firebox and Google chrome. 

These are definitely best when you are searching for an online tool for typing Malayalam words on an English keyboard. An incredibly better solution indeed to bring out the perfect solution for those who are very much to the translation services. Even running the keyboard is quite easy without any kind of interruption. These apps are professionally designed and don’t take any extra effort for their function. 


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