Jiffy Charge: Why carry a power bank when you can rent it?


In this new day and age where technology practically drives us through the day, our smartphones have become our best friend, after our furry friends of course. Chances are, you are reading this on one of your smartphones, and rightly so because we have all become extremely dependent on them for even the basic tasks. From our phone diaries to personal ones, smartphones help us make lives easier.

None the less, when they go off and there seems to be no way out to get some charge on it, you might begin to feel super helpless. It could be for an urgent meeting you have scheduled or getting yourself to a location with the maps, but what do you do with no power bank or charger to help you keep up? Well, you rent a power bank.

The whole world is working on it and everyone believes in renting things out these days, including furniture, houses, etc, over buying stuff. So, there should be just about no harm in renting power banks, especially when they come in super handy!

Jiffy charge is a power bank rental service in India that allows you to rent a power bank as well as the cables and charge your phones on the go. You might just forget to turn the switch on at night or wake up late, but with Jiffy, things become easier because battery management is definitely not your primary concern here.

What Jiffy does is lets you get access to a power bank rental station that is closest to you via an app and uses an automated system to do that, without any requirement for someone to physically help you out. While it sounds really interesting, you might be wondering why would you rent, when you can buy?

Well, for starters, it is really cost-effective and so long as you can charge your power bank and remember to carry it around wherever you go, you might as well simply charge your phone and ensure you take your charger along. Basically, the idea here, is to avoid any kind of one time buy (investment) when you can get things done hassle-free. 

What Jiffy lets you do is rent a power bank from the nearest station to you and while you charge it as you travel, you can drop it off to whichever station is the closest to you. All you have to do is scan the QR code at the station and download the app, give away your basic essential details, and a deposit is deducted from your account, however, it is refundable so long as your return the power bank. 

So basically, you are in for no loss and yet, you get all the possible advantages. The power bank stations are at all primary hotspots like malls, etc, and that makes it easier to use them while on the go. The entire purpose here is to keep it moving while you are on the move!

So, let’s get on it with a jiffy!


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