Is Minecraft Cross-Platform in 2024?


Minecraft is one of the most popular games available, and it can be played as a single or multiplayer game.

The game’s survival elements make the game super fun to play with friends and other players worldwide. Much like how spins are a type of casino bonus that adds excitement to the overall gaming experience.

However, not everyone plays the game on the same platform. For instance, you might play on a PC, and your friend is on PlayStation, which is a roadblock for a multiplayer gaming experience. So, is Minecraft cross-platform?

Let’s find it out:

What is Cross-Platform gaming?

When we talk about cross-platform gaming, we mean games that allow players from different gaming platforms to play together. For instance, if you are playing a game on PC and someone is playing a game on PlayStation or Nintendo, they can join the same game and play alongside you.

Also, in today’s time, most multiplayer-only games support cross-platform gaming. Some examples would be Among Us, Apex Legends, Destiny 2, Borderlands 3, and more.

is minecraft cross platform

Is Minecraft cross-platform?

Yes, Minecraft is a cross-platform game. However, since Minecraft is available in two different versions, Java and Bedrock, the cross-platform capabilities have some complexities attached to them.

If you have the Java version of the Minecraft game, then cross-play will work with gamers running Windows, macOS, and Linux. The Java version is only available to these operating systems.

However, if you own the bedrock version of the game, then you can cross-play with anyone using any gaming platform. The Bedrock version allows you to cross-play Minecraft with Android, iOS, Nintendo, PlayStation, or Xbox users.

However, while cross-playing, you and your friends need to ensure that all of you are running the same version of the game, and you are all set.

So, if you haven’t purchased Minecraft yet, consider getting the Bedrock version, which will allow you to cross-play the game without any complications.

Unfortunately, gamers who are still using older gaming platforms like the Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita, Wii U, and 3DS won’t be able to cross-play the game.

How to play Minecraft with friends?

To play Minecraft with friends across gaming platforms, you need to use a Minecraft server. An online Minecraft server allows you to play with anyone around the globe. However, you or your friends must purchase a Minecraft server and set it up before you go multiplayer.

In case you already have a server, then here is how to cross-play Minecraft:

Java Edition

  • Launch Mincraft on your gaming platform.
  • Click on the Multiplayer tab.
  • Then click on “Add Server”.
  • After that, put any name under “Server Name,” enter the server IP address and port, and click on OK.
  • After that, the game will take you back to the multiplayer tab; you should see your recently added server.
  • Finally, click on the server and then click on “Join Server,” and you are all set.

Bedrock Edition

  • Launch Minecraft and click on “Play.”
  • After that, select the servers tab and click on Add Server.
  • Here, enter a server name and then add the IP address without the port to the Server Address slot.
  • Next, enter the server port details and click on Save.
  • Finally, click on the server to join it.

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Is Minecraft playable between PC and Mobile?

One of the common questions that many gamers have is whether Minecraft PC and Mobile versions are playable as cross-platform gaming.

Well, the short answer is Yes. Thanks to the introduction of the Bedrock edition, which has unified all the gaming platforms, gamers can cross-play with each other. So, whether you are using iOS or Android, you should be able to play with a PC or any other gaming platform.

Also, the Java edition is only available to PC users. So you don’t have to worry about buying the right version for your non-PC gaming devices.


How do you play Minecraft Multiplayer for free?

To play with your friends, you must own a Minecraft server. However, if you don’t mind playing the game with strangers online, you can do a quick Google search to find public servers. Then, enter the IP or web address of the server to join it and start playing the game with others.

Why can’t I enable multiplayer on Minecraft?

If you cannot enable multiplayer on Minecraft, you probably have issues with the settings. Make sure you have not enabled the “block joining multiplayer games” option in the settings. To check it, go to the game’s Settings and set it to Allow.


Minecraft is a cross-platform game. However, the cross-platform capabilities depend on what version of the game you are using. If you are using Java, you can only cross-play with gamers using Windows, Mac, or Linux, while Bedrock users don’t have any platform restrictions.


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