ICO Convertor: A must use tool for web masters


The success or failure of a website depends on the teamwork put in. One of the most important roles is that of a webmaster. Webmasters are responsible for the overall progress and performance of the website. In addition to that, webmasters can only improve the progress level if the correct tools have been used. One of the important tools for webmasters is the ICO converter tool by prepostseo.com.

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ICO converters are important for webmasters

Running a website successfully is not a piece of cake any means. A lot depends on the strategy being used by webmasters. Other than that, selecting the right tools is important.

Do you know that branding is very important if you want your website to achieve the highest levels of success? It is hard for people to remember a brand because several alternatives are on offer for the customer. Consider that you want to buy a pair of sunglasses online. In most cases, you would use Google and search for different websites offer sunglasses according to your requirements. It is very rare that we type the name of a particular website selling a particular product. This does happen when people know a website inside out and it is well known. This is when a potential buyer would visit the website directly

From the perspective of a webmaster, he is responsible for the success or failure of a website. If a website is not getting sufficient traffic, the webmaster would have to check the problem and search for a suitable solution. An ICO converter tool is important for webmasters because it helps them with product branding procedures. It is a simple concept that products which are marketed more get better conversion rates. An ICO converter is used to generate a favicon for any website. A favicon is a miniature image appearing on the browser tab.

Websites with favicons get more traffic than the ones which do not use this branding practice. A simple concept is that people require time to remember something. If you have viewed the logo of a brand for the first time, you would not be able to remember it. However, if the brand targets you as a potential buyer on one to one scale, the process of remembering the brand would actually begin.

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No struggles with traffic rate

A favicon creates an identity for a brand. Thus, it is said that when you are selecting an image to create the favicon, do not be hasty. An important point is that the image should be related to the company image and products offered. If the customer gets confused after viewing the favicon, he would not have a positive impression of the brand. In other words, the traffic rate of the website would reduce.

  • An ICO converter is used to create favicons from a source image file. Normally, this image file needs to be in the JPG or PNG file format. The overall process is quite simple. To start with, you have to select the image that has to be transformed into a favicon. It is important to select an image which is suitable for this purpose. You cannot use any image randomly to create a favicon. The image has to be simple so that users can remember it easily. Considering the size of a favicon, a complex image with background text is not an appropriate option.
  • The traffic rate of a website increases automatically when people start recognizing and remembering the brand. Similarly, if the favicon or company logo of a brand is hard to remember, the traffic rate on your website would not increase. In an overall manner, it can be said that simple and easy to interpret images are selected for a favicon.  Browser tabs are usually opened for a long span of time. Thus, when a website has a favicon, it becomes easier for the user to create a perception about the brand in his mind.

ICO Converter creates favicons conveniently

Most webmasters prefer tools that are productive and easy to use. An ICO converter comes in handy for them because they have to create favicons at regular intervals. Web Masters create a pivotal role in developing the progress of a website.

  • With an ICO converter, a favicon can be created by following the simplest of procedures. All you need to do is browse the desired image and convert it using the ICO converter. Most ICO converters are online and this is a big convenience for web masters and they do not have to spend time on completing installations.

Stronger marketing of the website

Several websites are created on a global scale everyday but a high percentage proves to be a complete failure. Simply creating a website is not enough to generate profits from it. A website would only produce money if people know about it. Along with that, you can only make people remember your website if a strong brand promotion strategy has been used.

Consider that you have multiple browser tabs open at the same time and you have to switch between them to complete your tasks. Websites with favicons would be easier to recognize as they would have an image on the browser tab. Most websites do not use the ICO converter to create a favicon. Hence, the ones which use are easier to remember for users.


Branding practices change from time to time and it is important to keep up with them. Currently, brands need to use the latest branding strategies to keep customers engaged. There is a lot of competition between brands and only the best ones gain an edge. With strong branding techniques including the use of favicon, it becomes much easier to gain attention of serious buyers.


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