How to Write Content That Ranks Your Website?


Whatever business your do these days, there is a high chance you have a webpage for it. It is hard to imagine a modern successful venture without an online presence. It does not matter whether you are a journalist, a chef, a trader, or a professional bowling player – if you have a website, you need to have a good ranking. “What does it mean?” you might ask. Well, it is better to ask a slightly different question – “What is SEO content?”, because that is exactly what you need. SEO content is what will get you to the top of the search results in search engines like Google.

It means people will see your web source popping up among the first sources they see after typing their request in the search bar. This s is a miracle tool that will bring you traffic, visibility, and recognition. Well, not to you, but to your website. So let’s see some ways to improve your life and your web page ranking.


It is essential to understand that all kinds of content can be SEO compatible. However, traditionally text-based posts have been one of the most popular types of material to get you up that results in list. So that is why we will focus our attention on SEO writing specifically.

  • Relevance. First of all, your texts should be relevant and entertaining. You have to carefully craft the list of topics that will be interesting to your audience. If you are a travel blogger, it might be a guide for budget trips in certain areas. If you are a foodie – you might want to write about exotic recipes. Choose wisely and then you can proceed to keyword-making tools.
  • Keywords. It is a crucial part of great content for great ranking. Thankfully, numerous websites can assist you in picking the best keywords for your particular themes. When you have to do an assignment, a university essay writing website can help you with that. Similarly, previously mentioned SEO-oriented websites are a great aid in improving your website’s visibility.

  • Research. You have to carefully study the best-ranked relevant content, it is the best way to optimize your page. Pay attention to the details: what type of posts are the most popular, specific topics that are in high demand? Is it a guide, lifehack advice, or a “top 5” post? Notice all the little traits and adjust your website contents accordingly.
  • Outline. Base the structure of your post on the research you have done earlier and plan all the titles and headlines, as well as formatting, visual style, and keywords you are planning to use. Do not shy away from templates and online sources that assist you with proven data and solid advice. 
  • Editing. Do not underestimate the power of the second draft. Editing is a key to success, as obvious as it may sound. With a fresher second look, it is highly likely that your improvements will be much better and more appropriate. Also, do not forget to run your post through a grammar checker – no one likes typos.

person typing

  • Simplify. Do not clutter up your content. Keep it simple and let it flow. Readers should not be struggling with never-ending sentences and a pile of needlessly complicated terms. Be concise and stick to the point; the challenge is to keep the reader interested. If you happen to have a lot of complex data or info you need to disclose – use visuals and infographics. It will only improve the quality of an article or a blog post.
  • Go meta. The last step on your path towards better SEO is the meta title and description. It is precisely what readers see when the content pops up in the results. It is your best chance to get a person interested – so you better use it wisely. It has to be intriguing and unique, stay related to the topic, and relevant to a reader. It is your chance to create a sales pitch to remember.

Consider these steps as your basic guide towards the goal of building your web page’s rankings. Be aware that all your competitors are also doing this and you need to do it better in order to succeed. It is not enough to create amazing content, you have to comply with the rules of SEO to give your brand a chance to stand out. Be persistent and do your research – we promise, SEO is totally worth your time and effort.


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