How to Make Your Random Chats More Entertaining Than Ever?


It doesn’t matter whether you’re naturally outgoing, or you prefer talking with plants to socializing – there are still foolproof ways to get plenty of mileage out of your random video chats. The most common approach to random chatting is to come up with something to talk about in the moment, but what if you can’t think of anything to talk about? That’s why you prepare a few ideas beforehand.

If you’re using a chat site like Camsurf, you could turn your video chats into just about anything that’s entertaining, informative, or a combination of both…but with so many possibilities, how do you narrow it down? By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll know exactly where to start and what to do.

As it happens, random chat sites are uniquely adaptable for these kinds of interactions.

Have you ever tried to interact with a stranger in public? Not just the usual back-and-forth with the cashier at the supermarket, but an actual conversation in which you get to know a bit about each other. While that can happen once in a while, it’s pretty rare; you certainly can’t depend on getting a good response if you simply start walking up to people and introducing yourself. They’d probably think you were trying to sell something.

Random chat websites, though, are a whole different bag of marbles. People actually join them for the purpose of meeting strangers, so when you find yourself in a random chat with someone you’ve never met, they aren’t going to assume that your friendliness is just a preface to a sales pitch for essential oils. You won’t necessarily chat with every single person you get matched up with, but that’s just because you aren’t compatible as chat partners, not because you’re trying to make something happen that nobody’s interested in.

Enough of the theory – it’s time to get into the specifics.

It’s easy enough to say that you can get creative on a random chat site, but it doesn’t stop there; here are some practical tips that you can actually use in your video chats.

Set some parameters for your chats

Random chats are (obviously) quite random, but this doesn’t mean you’re at the mercy of the algorithm. It’s normal to pick and choose which chat partners you want to stick around for, but you can go a step further if you want.

If you had a certain topic on your mind, for instance, you could pick your chats based on what your chat partner wanted to talk about, rather than their overall personality. It could be almost anything. Did you get some bad news, and you need a sympathetic ear? Ask around to see if someone will hear you out. Are you getting into a new hobby, and you want some technical advice? There’s probably someone in the random chats who’s already learned what you need to know. Do you want to contribute a special dish to the next family get-together, but your current cooking skills only extend as far as boxed macaroni and cheese? There should be plenty of people on chat sites who can give you tips, tricks, and even their own favorite recipes.

Many chat sites even have filters, which let you refine your results without eliminating too many potential chat partners. You could filter by gender if you wanted to find someone special to flirt with, or you could filter by country to get a bit more variety in your chats.

The country filter is good for more than just learning how to say “hello” in 12 different languages, although that could be fun. If you’re learning a second language, for example, random chats are an awesome resource for practicing with native speakers. Plenty of people love to share the complexities of their mother tongue, and you can make it worth their while by helping them out with their English skills if they’re interested. Even if you don’t want to practice another language, you can still catch a glimpse of a different culture by learning sayings, tongue-twisters, or puns from your chat partner. Plus, it could be hilarious to see someone else’s reaction to your own regional sayings or phrases – you might realize that you’ve been saying something for years that doesn’t even make sense!

Switch up your chatting schedule so you aren’t missing out

Speaking of chatters from different countries, it’s possible that you aren’t necessarily meeting as many international users as you could be. If you’re consistently chatting at a certain time of day, a good chunk of your chat site’s members might actually be asleep. If you’re curious to know whether you’re only getting part of the picture, try waking up early or staying up late to see if you notice a difference.

Host a karaoke competition

Can’t sing? It doesn’t matter – just do it anyway! This is for entertainment, after all, and butchering your favorite pop songs is definitely entertaining. There are plenty of instrument-only tracks for well-known songs available for free online, so all you have to do is crank up the music while your chat partner enjoys the spectacle. Once you’re done, it’s their turn!

Suggest a mock debate

As long as you steer clear of inflammatory subjects (like politics or religion) and stick with more humorous topics, this could be an easy way to engage with your chat partner. Even though you want to avoid actual arguments, the best debates come from things that you both feel strongly about. Do you have definite opinions on what kind of pizza is objectively the best? Find someone who thinks differently, and hash out your pros and cons over video chat. This can go for anything – cats vs. dogs, is Velveeta really cheese, and more. Just use your imagination!

Use these suggestions just as they are, or use them as jumping-off points for future chats.

As much as anything else, the above suggestions illustrate just how versatile random video chats can be. What do you think you’ll be able to come up with?


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