How Social Media Analytics Through NetBase Boosts Brands?


Using social media is critical for pretty much any brand today, and it doesn’t matter what product, service or cause the brand is representing. Equally important is being able to monitor social media – your own posts as well as others – to get crucial analysis about what people all over the Internet are saying about your brand. 

Numbers and metrics

Social media analytics software gives you hard numbers to work with. For instance, you might be able to get a bar graph that shows you how favorable the impression is of a new feature on a product, and it gives this information to you as people are actually commenting. It saves you time by rapidly searching through thousands of social media posts in seconds, and it gives you instant and objective feedback. 

Social media analytics also gives you feedback on a variety of metrics, and you can choose which ones are most important to you and your brand. For instance, if you are trying to create a community around a cause, then you will want to look at the level of engagement people are having with your own social media posts. 

The value of feedback

Social media analytics help you understand your audience better. If you’re considering launching a new product, for example, there’s a good chance that your potential customers have already indicated online whether or not they would be interested. In short, these analytics can save you from learning something the hard way. 

For example, one of the most infamous disasters in modern American consumer history was when Coca-Cola changed its formula in the 1980’s and consumers rebelled. In today’s digital age, Coca-Cola could have floated the idea of changing its formula on social media and then gauged the reaction using these analytics. They would likely find out pretty quick that it was a bad idea!

Using these analytics also shows you what social media platforms are best for your brand. Maybe you’ll learn that your Facebook posts are generating a positive buzz but that your Twitter posts are creating a false impression about what you are selling. Social media listening allows you to take a closer look at how your customers think about your brand. Also, if you are using social media such as Twitter to sell or promote your brand, you should visit It’s a website that can help you boost your marketing strategy by performing detailed Twitter followers analysis and derive profitable metrics for your marketing strategy and all that for free, so go and check it out.


These analytics allow you to make changes at the exact right time. You can see when you need to change the content on your brand’s homepage, for example, or you can learn that it’s time to develop a separate platform for some of your customers and do so. 

Analytics platforms such as NetBase are very low-maintenance. Once the software is set up, it provides you with feedback that’s easy to understand. You’re not going to be hunched over a calculator crunching numbers; rather, you can just sit back and look at the metrics as they come in. Many users find it fascinating, and this is especially true when they have an emotional investment in their own brand. In short, this type of analytics software is painless to use and is an excellent long-term investment. 

About NetBase

NetBase leads the social media analytics industry when it comes to providing brands with insights and solutions. Essentially, they provide companies with feedback concerning what their customers, potential customers and others are saying about them on social media. Their software platform is called NetBase Quid, and it is used by companies including Coca-Cola, United Airlines and Walmart to track online presence. 

The Quid Platform analyzes enormous quantities of data to provide insights in real-time. It provides useful information at any time, and during a crisis, it is an enormously valuable tool that can help gauge public reaction to new developments as they occur. 


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