Helpful Features of PDFBear That You Can Easily Use


When sending a file or document, people usually forget to see the importance of having the right format on their data which sometimes results in an issue. The person who’s receiving the file cannot open it or wort part; all of the information inside the data is gone. It will be a catastrophe, especially if you are talking about records of millions of money.

Fortunately, there is a way to refrain that kind of problem from happening. By using a reliable and secured converting tool like PDFBear, you will never have any issues with opening delicate information from your files. PDFBear offers a variety of features that can help you deal with PDF conversion, and more, below are some of them.

Converting PDF to JPG

One of the many features PDFBear can offer is you can convert PDF to JPG. All you need to do is go to their site find PDF to JPG then choose what PDF file you want to turn and wait until it finishes processing. The PDFBear’s PDF to JPG converts images in a high-quality, which means you don’t need to worry about having blurred or discolourization of the changed image.

Merging PDF Files

If you have plenty of PDF files and don’t want to lose sight of one of them, you can use PDFBear’s merging capabilities. It can merge multiple PDF files without taking too much of your time. To do that is just pure, find word saying merge PDF file select the files you want to merge you can also alter your data if needed, then choose to combine once done.

Protect PDF

Using Protect PDF is the most effective way to secure all of your information. You can put a password on your PDF file so that others will not open it. To do it is click first the shaded blue button saying “Select Files” then drag and drop your file to upload it. After that, you can now set a password then click “Encrypt PDF,” The operation will begin immediately.

Unlock PDF

IF in case it’s too hassle for you on keep on typing a password to open your PDF file, and you wanted to remove it. PDFBear has a tool to remove a secured password on a record. A fast and easy way to do, click on “Choose File” to upload your file, enter the password, then click on “Unlock PDF.” The tool will decrypt it, and you are ready to download it.

Repair PDF

Working all day and night and ending with a corrupted or damaged PDF file would be a disaster. The good thing is that PDFBear has a God-given tool that can save you your days’ effort. Repair PDF is a tool that you can use in PDFBear, select the damaged PDF file, and click repair. All you need to execute from here is wait and let the tool do the work for you.

Share Document

Share Document is one the easiest way to send your file no matter what format your data is. Just upload the file that you want to send then input the recipient’s email, and you’re good to go. You can also add some messages to your receiver if you wish. By using this tool, you don’t need to convert anything.

Split PDF

As the title says, if a specific PDF file combined or if you want to take one page out of it, you can use this tool. Split PDF will separate and cut out pages from your PDF file. Choose first a specific data you want to split, then pick the pages by clicking it from the original PDF and select to refine the pages you picked and export it to a single PDF.


As you can see, PDFBear offers various helpful tools that can help you in your online work. Features that are not discussed above, but don’t worry, since you can visit their website anytime and try all of their tools right away. The site is very user friendly, and it provides easy steps on how to do a particular process.


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