Get Free Cookie from Subway by Entering Subwaylistens Survey


 Subway is one of the top healthy choices when you want to go out to eat. With over 42,000 stores across 112 countries, Subway is dominating the healthy food restaurant. Although local restaurants are coming in this business these days which gives the consumer more choices, Subway still manages to be the best. From Veg to Non-veg sandwiches and wraps, Subway is giving the best food options to the customers. Started in 1965 by Fred DeLuca, the restaurant has always managed to bring best and affordable food options. I always wondered why I always rush to Subway whenever I want to eat out.

The food options at Subway are low in calories so it is apt for weight watchers as well. You will be more happy to know that the minerals and vitamins in subway sandwiches are in enough quantities. Most of us eat junk food which is very low in minerals and vitamins. This is the reason why most of us are prone to health problems and things get worse if you are a binge eater. I would love to recommend you to have a sub in case you feel like eating out. Subway has a lot of sandwich dressing choices like Mayonnaise, Sweet Onion, Chipotle Southwest, Honey Mustard, and BBQ. Veggie Delight, Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki, Rotisserie-Style Chicken, and Oven Roast Chicken are some of the best sandwiches choices at Subway outlets.

The SubwayListens survey aims to take genuine feedback from their customers. This survey not only includes the food experience but also staff, hospitality, experience at the outlet, quality of food. The survey is very simple to fill and just takes around 3-minutes. You need to answer some simple questions about your Subway experience and you will get a voucher code after you complete the survey successfully. You can use the survey code against your next order and get a free cookie or a fountain drink of your choice. Isn’t it amazing to get a free meal for filing a simple survey?

How to Enter SubwayListens Survey  

If you are looking to enter Subwaylistens survey and avail your free cookie/fountain drink, then you must follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Logon to the official website –
  • Enter the information asked on the homepage. This includes your receipt number, Date of Purchase, and time of purchase.
  • Now, you will be redirected to the survey page. 
  • Answer simple questions asked on the survey by selecting the desired option you like. Make sure you take the survey seriously because Subway will improve and it will eventually help customers like us.
  • Click on Finish button to end the survey once completed.
  • Your voucher code will be displayed on the next page. Copy and save the voucher code to use it on your next order. 

Final Words 

No doubt, Subway has customer feedback as to its Unique Selling Point. They care a lot about the care of the customer when they visit their outlet. You will have a similar kind of experience at every Subway outlet which makes you comfortable to order. The concept of “Sub of the day” makes it more interesting to order sandwiches. Moreover, Subway’s trained Sandwich artists make choosing from a varied choice easier for any new customer. The wide variety of sandwiches and dressings bring out the amazing taste of sandwiches. I would love to recommend Subway to my friends and family. What are you waiting for?. Go out and order from a lot of food options at a nearby Subway outlet.


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