Fixing Corrupted PDFs Through GoGoPDF


Have you found yourself stuck in a burdensome situation wherein you are looking at your desktop/laptop screen and started Googling for answers? Are your PDFs corrupted from your primary source and have not found any solution yet? Luckily for you, GoGoPDF will save your day! Your all-in-one, free online PDF tool to save you from the PDF stresses.

The Portable Document Format

Before we discuss why we have to repair PDF and how these occurrences transpire, we will first tackle the file itself. This file format is long-existing in the tech industry as it was invented way back in the early 1990s. During the initial stage, highly-technical professionals encountered pros and cons with this newly introduced file format.

The advantage is that it is more compact than any other file format and is compatible with most operating systems and computer devices. It is also a dream come true for them as it was very convenient to print and share. The disadvantage lies within its less-modifiable feature. People had challenges making edits and repairs with the revolutionary file.

When Do PDF Damages Occur?

So there are various reasons why a specific PDF could end up damaged or corrupted, like when you are downloading. There are common instances wherein internet connection interruptions happen and affect your downloading. This is one reason for having a corrupted PDF. Also, when you share or transfer PDFs, both online and offline.

When there are unnecessary interruptions during file transfer, PDFs could end up corrupted. Of course, computer virus infection heavily affects PDF downloading and can also damage the file. If you also had a hard disk failure during the operation, this could also result in the corrupted file. Program incompatibility is another factor contributing to these damages.

How To Fix/Repair PDF Through GoGoPDF?

Now, we will teach you how to fix or repair your PDFs through the one and only GoGoPDF. The steps are pretty simple and comprehensible. All you need is your device, your corrupted PDF, and a stable internet connection. You need not download and install any software or programs and spend more dollars. GoGoPDF will take care of your dilemmas for free:

  1. As you visit the GoGoPDF website, you can see the “Rotate PDF” option at the second to the last row, click it and proceed.
  2. Start uploading your PDF; you can manually browse for your PDF by clicking “Select Files” or drag directly to the GoGoPDF box.
  3. Two loading meters will appear. First, the PDF upload, and the second will be the repairing PDF process. These processes will only take less than 20 seconds.
  4. Simple as that, your PDF is already repaired! You can copy the file’s URL and share it via social media platforms, or you can save it to your hard drive.

With your PDF repaired, you can now access its inner content and start making the necessary modifications. The repair extent may also vary on how much your file was previously damaged. If it were severe, you could only expect partial recovery. But if it were only moderate, there are high chances you can retrieve the full content. Nevertheless, your PDF is recovered.

Is GoGoPDF Truly A One-Stop Online Tool?

We did mention earlier about GoGoPDF being the all-in-one free online PDF tool to save you from the PDF stresses. You can visit the GoGoPDF home page and check out more of their helpful features and understand more how they protect their client’s data privacy. Here are some available tools in GoGoPDF that you might find useful:

  • Two-way PDF Converter
  • PDF Merger
  • PDF Split
  • PDF Compressor
  • PDF Editor
  • Rotate PDF
  • Delete Pages in PDF


So what are you waiting for? Try GoGoPDF now and learn how to overcome all your PDF problems!


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