7 Fashion Staples for Women Explained


Fashion fads come and go each year. While it’s okay to buy trendy items, it’s often more practical to spend your money on timeless items that remain relevant regardless of the prevailing trend. Wonder what items are considered a staple in every woman’s closet? Learn more about these top items as you read on.

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Dresses for every occasion

Dresses work quite well for a wide range of events. Be it a casual or a formal event, you can surely find a dress that suits the occasion. This type of clothing is quite versatile. For example, you can wear a midi dress and a pair of ballet flats when you go to your favorite shops in town. If you want to wear it to a BBQ, you can pair it with your comfiest pair of wedges and an acid-washed denim jacket. 

Got invited to a wedding? You should try looking for modest dresses from local modest fashion boutiques. Style it with a few fine pieces of metal accessories and a simple yet elegant hair and make-up.

Denim clothes

The denim manufacturing industry is one of the most timeless niches in the fashion industry. Hence, it would be a shame not to have a few denim items in your closet. Grab denim pieces like overalls, jeans, tops, and bags the next time you go shopping. They will surely come in handy especially in days when you want to look simple and laid back. You can use them to create casual and smart casual outfits.

Plain white shirts

Want to take a break from your heavily styled outfits? Wear a plain and classic white shirt. You can wear one with denim jeans or skirts. If you have ones that are form-fitting, you can match them with square pants or harem trousers. To complete your outfit, find a complementing shoe. Some of the best options include Chucks or Keds sneakers, but you can use pumps, wedges, and heels as well if you have a more polished look.

A handbag that can fit your essentials

Every woman needs to have one or more handbags in her wardrobe. They come in handy when you need to carry around a few things with you. Also, they tend to complete certain outfits. 

Find ones that you can easily complement the wardrobe staples you already own. To do this, you need to consider its color and design. Will it look good with your planned OOTD? How about its size specifications? It is large enough to contain all your personal valuables? Shop for bags that satisfy all of your requirements.

Coats and sweaters for the cold seasons

Besides looking stylish and glamorous, you should also aim to dress according to the weather. As such, you need to own a few coats or sweaters. If you want to get maximum warmth, look for sweaters and coats made from plush materials. There are plenty of designs, colors, and styles of sweaters and coats available in local boutiques as well as online marketplaces.   

High-quality ankle boots

Ankle boots are among the most common types of footwear owned by women from all around the world. This is because they offer the highest level of comfort while walking. These can also effortlessly complement your jeans, shorts, dresses, and skirts. If you don’t have one yet, now is the perfect time to shop for a pair. 

When you buy a pair, pay attention to the quality of the material, the cut as well as the heel’s design and height. This will help you narrow down your choices to around one to two pairs. Try these pairs on and think about the clothes you can wear with it. Do you like how they look together? If yes, then you might have just found the perfect pair of ankle boots.

Mixing and matching your clothes, accessories, shoes, and bags is no simple feat. It even gets more complicated when a new fashion trend gets introduced in your locality. Go back to the list of closet essential enumerated above as well as the styling tips provided. Keep these in mind when preparing for your weekly outfits. Which of the items enumerated do you already own? Which ones do you still need to buy? Share your thoughts with us! 


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