Top 5 Editing Apps for College Students


We all have already used technology as a huge supporting part of education. Educators and students actively use different digital inventions to make everything go faster, smoother, more productively, etc. The quality of lessons significantly increases thanks to different smart applications. They are used to save time, organize the working process, and improve different kinds of skills. Thus, students make use of editing applications.

editing apps for college students

Along with professional editors from Custom Writings, we have analyzed the current market and will highlight 5 great editing apps. They help to improve the quality and flow of every text. Of course, they likewise help to enhance editing skills and bring them to a new level of quality.

Best Editing Apps for College Students

Google Docs

We would like to begin our review with Google Docs. Google Corporation is famous all around the globe. It offers multiple products, which greatly help users to find information and fulfill different activities. One of such is editing. Google Docs is one of the most popular editing apps of its kind and there are many reasons to choose it.

First of all, you should know that the application has the same features as the well-known Word Office. Consequently, everything that is done using this program can be likewise done in Google Docs.

Secondly, it works in two regimes – online and offline. Each regime has its own advantages. Download your documents and edit whenever you wish. They will be saved on the Google Disc. It’s possible to send them.

The storage is 15GB and can be increased if you pay some money. The application also allows for saving images. It may be important if your academic assignments were scanned or pictured. Thus, you’ll have immediate access to the data they contain.

The Hemingway Editor

This is a famous program for editing works. The Hemingway Editor is a really resourceful program. It is very quick and scans texts immediately. The program successfully detects different kinds of mistakes. It helps to identify grammar mistakes, as well as weak places in your stylistics and readability. Using it, you will find out:

  • Grammar errors;
  • Misspelling and punctuation issues;
  • Sentences, which are difficult to read;
  • Overuse of the passive voice;
  • Overuse of adverbs;
  • Sentences, which are difficult to understand.

It likewise suggests correct variants and simplification of the hard-reading parts.


ProWritingAid is undoubtedly one of the best editing and writing applications of its kind. This application combines an editor, style guide, and writing coach in one. The app outlines the potential levels of pitfalls in your texts. It checks grammar, the frequency, and adequacy of using words, transitions, vague and abstract words. Thus, it checks your stylistics and can tell whether your texts are readable and logical.

This is a free installation and uploads your documents. As you check them, you may receive about 20 in-depth reports on your assignments. Thus, you can improve your writing quickly and dependably.


If you require support for your grammar, word choice and stylistics, you should obligatorily check Grammarly. The program is very quick, smart, and practical. As soon as you run the text through its scanner, you’ll receive almost immediate results with all the drawbacks and mistakes. It spots the following mistakes:

  • Grammar;
  • Punctuation;
  • Spelling;
  • Word choice;
  • Stylistics.

Mind that this smart program also suggests the correct variants to the mistakes you make. It is available for free. You don’t even have to constantly open it in your browser to make the checkup. Download it to your personal computer, laptop, or tablet. Make sure your device has Word Office. Bind it to the Word. Afterward, you can check any text printed on your device immediately if you have access to the Internet.


You should obligatorily give heed to this amazing writing and editing program. It improves the research process. When you work with your assignments, you’ll see two planes on the interface. The left plane will record and document your research. The right plane is mentioned for writing. The dashboard is creative and adaptive. It allows for adding instant notes, references to the links you’ve found, and any ideas and suggestions you may have concerning your project. Thus, you won’t miss some vital points and will easily edit the project if necessary.

In case these applications are not enough, our experts recommend using professional writing assistance. You can use a college essay writing service as a dependable helper to solve your academic complications. Professional and skilled writers fulfill different functions including editing support.

You are welcome to use any of these great technological inventions. Try every editor to define the one, which suits you most. Don’t forget about other kinds of applications. There are other programs, which help to overcome different typical problems of students. Thus, you can get rid of them, learn something helpful, and develop different learning abilities.


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