Dress in the Costume of Success: Women’s Top 5 Fashion Essentials


Fashion trends change depending on the season and every year due to fashion designers and influencers that want to spice up the fashion industry. Fashion essentials exist because they are clothing pieces or accessories that make you stand out. However, women tend to forget these essentials because they think they’re replaceable. 

Timepieces are accessories that should never be left out when it comes to fashion because they highlight your style and personality.  Keep in mind that fashion essentials are timeless pieces that will last for years with proper care and maintenance. Thus, you should never hesitate to spend on items that are costly because it only means that it’s durable and long-lasting.

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Women also have to take note that not all costly items are worthy of being a fashion essential, especially if the price tag is way beyond the idea of being practical. Most of the fashion essentials are basic items of clothing that you can mix and match to help you look and be successful even if the fashion trends change yearly. Thus, here are the top five fashion essentials for women to dress in the costume of success.

Plain White T-Shirts

A plain white t-shirt is the top one fashion essential because it allows women to mix and match with different colors, especially if they have a clean slate outfit that’s versatile. Versatility in clothing is the key to improving your mixing and matching game because you can pair them with statement pieces that’ll help you stand out more.

Women have to be aware that making themselves stand out more helps you gain the attention of other people. The reason being is that other people will be aware that you know how to carry yourselves no matter what situation even when wearing different styles of plain white t-shirts.

Signature Timepieces

Signature timepieces are next on the list because they’re the most striking pieces on you. Women have to keep in mind that although luxury timepieces are costly, they are long-lasting and durable, such as the Omega De Ville.  The Omega De Ville is a rose gold luxury timepiece that contains numerous 4C diamonds to highlight the elegance in every woman’s wrist.

Thus, before choosing a luxury timepiece to be your go-to fashion essential, you have to make sure that the luxury timepiece complements the shape of your wrist.

Dark Wash Denim – Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans made of dark wash denim never go out of style because even when the seasons change, you can pair them with any colorful basics. Skinny jeans are vital because they help define your shape, but you have to make sure your legs have room to breathe.

You can also experiment with skinny jeans, such as having various types of rips or using different kinds of cuffs to be more stylish. 

Simple Flats

Simple flats are the key to completing a fashionable outfit in your own way while feeling extremely comfortable at the same time. Although wedges and heels help make your style look cute, getting foot pain and blisters are unavoidable. Thus, having various colors of simple flats to match each type of color of outfits is essential.

Moreover, sneakers are also a good option for comfortability. However, it removes the essence of dressing in the costume of success because you’ll end up looking casual. Thus, you shouldn’t have any second thoughts of having simple flats in your fashion essentials because they’re not only extremely comfortable but also cute.

Little Black Dress

Little black dresses are a fashion essential because they are the perfect piece for all the seasons and occasions. Further, you can wear a little black dress for work, formal events, and even for a night out with friends. All those occasions and seasons will also depend on the shoes and accessories you wear that will help you achieve a stylish look.

Creativity is essential when having a little black dress because, just like a plain white t-shirt, they are also versatile. But, you also have to keep in mind the colors you’ll use to pair with your little black dress. The reason being is that different shades and tones can change the vibe you give off to other people when wearing the black dress.


Fashion essentials are timeless pieces that you can always depend on despite the change of seasons and fashion trends. Making yourself stand out no matter what season it allows you to dress in the costume of success because it will make people aware of how well you take care of yourself.


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