Debunking Digital Marketing Myths Around Big Data


Big data analysis can have great benefits and applications for businesses, but only if the proper use is made of the data to make decisions. However, to get the insights from big data and make the informed decisions, users of the data must ensure that they feed the system with the appropriate structured data that is also well-refined.

Big data is incredible when it’s utilized with interior examination and bits of knowledge and it’s likewise similarly basic for an organization to take a gander at different sources like outsider organizations’ investigation. The human component additionally assumes a significant job to join Big data with bits of knowledge assembled from outside sources like legitimately talking with individuals, studies, criticism from the intended interest group. This improves the exploration attempt just as secure the examination to update the importance to accomplish the ideal objectives. We would like to recommend Intellipaat’s Big data course if you want to achieve the desired goals.

When handling their roles where big data comes into play, digital marketers sometimes make some wrong moves. They tend to work while relying on some myths, which leads to poor results. This article looks at those myths and goes on to debunk them.

Programmatic advertisement is the answer to all situations

Programmatic advertisement refers to the collection of technologies employed to automate the purchase, placement, and even optimization of advertisements and related resources. The idea is to have less involvement of people in the placing of ads and have machines do it more efficiently and on a larger scale. A good example of this is Google Adwords.

Despite the rising popularity of programmatic advertisement, it fails to address the issue of delivering the right message even after delivering an ad to the targeted audience at the right time. Marketers have no choice but to get the best solution for such a problem. It is therefore necessary that marketers do not assume that everything is in order after implementing the technologies to automate their marketing efforts. Without a properly designed and relevant message for the user, programmatic advertising may not work or bring the expected results.

Focus on social media, having a website is not important

While it is true that social media can bring lots of business, it is a big mistake to concentrate solely on social media and ignore having a dedicated website. When it comes to digital marketing spaces, we have two types–those that you own like websites and mobile apps, and those that you rent, which includes social media profiles. For the spaces that you rent, you own almost nothing except the name connected to your accounts on the platforms. The content on those social platforms is restricted by them, for example Facebook, whose algorithms limit what you can show to those who have liked your page. You also have little or no data as it is reserved for the platform, and privacy is not guaranteed because the platform tries to get every detail about you. You are better off first building the digital space that you own, and while working on them, engage professionals like ActiveWizards for all of your big data expertise needs.

A data-first strategy guarantees success

It makes sense to do product development and marketing with the guidance of data. You also need to rely on data to drive a smart business strategy, but the notion that a data-first strategy will certainly bring success is just wrong. The best approach is data with strategies instead of a data first strategy. For success, a good product needs content creation and marketing to follow it to give it more momentum in the market.


The list of digital marketing myths is longer and they are not just those discussed in this article. It is a mistake for marketers to overemphasize any digital trends. Giving too much attention to any of the trends will not bear the expected fruits. The most vital thing is to get the right message to the target audience at the right time in the most appropriate media at that time. 


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