Best Tactics to Ace Microsoft 70-740 Exam through Practice Tests


Most of the developments in the world are made thanks to technology. Every aspect such as banking and communication depends on top-end skills gained by ambitious and hard-working tech specialists. As the largest technology corporation in the world, Microsoft has consistently come up with long-lasting solutions to various challenges faced by the globe. 

Apart from the invention of the Windows Operating System, Microsoft Azure is another solid software corporation tool. So, many companies and businesses are adopting this rapidly growing Cloud platform for their corporate needs. One of the most popular certifications by Microsoft is MCSA Windows Server 2016. This is the way to validate professionals’ skills and knowledge. To follow it, candidates need to pass the first-rate certification exams. In the case with the abovementioned credential, it’s 70-740 practice tests, 70-741, and 70-742 tests. 

Today, the article will target the Microsoft 70-740 assessment.

microsoft 70 740

70-740 Exam and Related Windows Server 2016 Certification

So, the MCSA Windows Server 2016 credential is meant to prove your utmost mastery of Windows Server 2016 and your skills. These are coming up with solutions to reduce the cost of IT and deliver valuable business proposals. The badge also allows its holder to occupy the position of a network or computer systems administrator, as well as a specialist in network operation. Besides, it paves the way for acquiring the superior Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) certification.

Hence, 70-740 test focuses on installation, storage, and computations accessible through Windows Server 2016. It is the last of three exams designed to gain theMCSA Windows Server 2016 credential. The other two tests include:

  • 70-741: Networking with Windows Server 2016
  • 70-742: Identity with Windows Server 2016

To ace 70-740, hence, it is recommended to be well-versed in server and local storage solutions, High Availability, Data Deduplication, Storage Spaces Direct, and Disaster Recovery. Good would be to prove knowledge in managing Hyper-V and Containers and monitoring servers in compute and physical environments.

By going into the exam details, the skills and knowledge tested are included in the following exam topics:

  • Installation of Windows Server in Host and Compute Environments
  • Storage Solutions Implementation
  • Implementing Hyper-V
  • Windows Containers Implementation
  • High Availability Implementation
  • Maintaining and Monitoring Server Environments

Since it is mandatory to pass exams in order to gain any Microsoft certification, then you have no way but to set yourself right and nail the necessary exams. Many people do recommend practice tests for the candidates but they rarely share their best tactics to ace preparation with the practice tests. Here is how you can make use of 70-740 exam dumps and come out a successful specialist!

Put Learning at First Place

Applicants should be meticulous and attentive while preparing and remember to gain the skills and knowledge before attempting valuable practice tests. After gaining important specific knowledge for the assessment, it will be easy to test the expertise. In this view, Microsoft Press Store proposes the candidates study with its’ Exam Ref 70-740 Installation, Storage and Compute Windows Server 2016 publication.

Use Efficient Practice Tests by Vendor and PrepAway

Time is a very important factor to consider in any certification exam as every candidate is required to take it within a stated timeframe. Hence, with their help, you will set the time just like at the main exam. Besides, using free PrepAway practice tests that have been gone through by other candidates will certainly gauge your speed. 

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Moreover, these exam dumps will enable you to gain confidence because if you can complete a practice test on time, then you will surely succeed in the core assessment! 

Further on, you can purchase 70-740 Premium Bundle at the PrepAway website and see its enormous package’ opportunities just for $24.99! Here, the vendor also proposes the excellent Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016 Practice Test for your 70-740, so use it right.

Make Corrections Where Necessary

Once you have managed to go through a couple of practice tests, you will surely find challenging questions that you might answer wrongly. Ensure that you have corrected them by getting back to your training material. Find the right points because the questions can also be featured in the main exam. Besides, making corrections helps you to fill the knowledge gaps which would have limited your overall performance in the core test. Therefore, practice tests are recommended to use a tool to identify the key areas to be polished. 

Use ETE Exam Simulator

Another way to succeed in the test is by experiencing the ETE Exam Simulator which is exclusively designed for candidates preparing for certification exams. It is the perfect software to introduce the applying programmers into the exam because one can modulate practice tests in a way similar to the main exam environment. 

Moreover, with the ETE Software, you can print the scoresheet and analyze the performance. This is important by showing the topics where you need to advance your knowledge. In addition, this player can be used to set the exact time a test will take. Therefore, using this software is a perfect tactic to prepare yourself for the main exam.

Career Prospects

  • Network Administrator
  • Systems Administrator
  • System Engineer

AsPayScale salary comparison site reports, the average annual basic salary of a person qualified in MCSA Windows Server 2016 certification is $74, 000 up!

Final Thoughts:

Technology is becoming a basic need virtually for every profession in the world. Having knowledge of the Windows Server 2016 administration would be a plus to your career because most companies are adopting Microsoft Servers in their business. 

Therefore, you need to plan well to get certified with MCSA Windows Server 2016 by attempting Microsoft 70-740 exam. All the best as you look forward to becoming a superb network programmer by benefiting from the productive PrepAway practice tests!


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