Best Presets Ideas from Lightroom for Instagram


If you’ve ever had to create content for your Instagram account more than once, you know what a time-consuming process it can be. To speed it up, there is a ready-made set of settings. And this set, the favorite of many photographers and bloggers, is called the preset. And what exactly is a Lightroom preset? It is a set of light and color corrections, details, geometric shapes, various special effects, etc. Presets make it much easier and faster to edit your photos. There are many types of them: 

  • Dark,
  • Light,
  • Vintage,
  • Winter,
  • Natural,
  • Outdoor,
  • Travel,
  • Artistic,
  • Professional,
  • Wedding, 
  • Portrait, etc.

This list could take forever to describe. But you get the point. There are presets for all budgets and tastes. There are so many available from a variety of sources that you can try something new on a daily basis. An adequately taken photo, some free time, and Lightroom preset are all you need to create a high-quality image in your account.

best lightroom preset ideas for instagram

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The Best Lightroom Presets for Instagram

It’s time to talk about the best presets for your photos. There’s a huge number of presets out there. But even among them, there are those that attract the maximum quantity of bloggers.

1. Film Look

The name speaks for itself. The lights will be brighter, you will look sharper. And then let someone prove that this is not filmed.

2. Portrait

Your portrait came out a little blurry. That’s easy to fix with this preset. While the background is still mysteriously out of focus, you look more vibrant.

3. Sunny Day

This is where light correction comes in handy. It can brighten up your photo and give it a really warm and sunny look.

4. Orange & Teal

It is all in their names. This preset will help you if you have these tones in your image and want to make them richer.

5. Creamy

Make your photo look smooth and matte by adding a soft and creamy color to it. Also, check out 11 Best Check Cashing Apps That Don’t Use Ingo For Mobile Deposits

6. Perfect Tone

Make your photos look sharper and more contrasted with this preset. You will be amazed at the transformation of your photos into perfection.

7. Greater than Gatsby

Perfect for bridal and portraiture. The skin tone after processing is its great advantage. It gives a very natural look.

8. Preset Pro

Here are several categories of presets in one. They offer the possibility to try out one preset from each category before installing. This means that you will be able to decide if you want to buy the full version.

9. Nature

You don’t have to be a travel blogger to have fun with this preset. It’s also perfect for those who like to walk around the park. What makes this preset special is that it emphasizes green and blue. It is a perfect way to highlight the beauty around you.

10. Golden Honey

You are in the mood for warm and golden images. Then this is the mode for you. Especially if you do a lot of outdoor photo sessions under the sun.

11. Vibrant Dream

Your vacation photos will be a dream come true with dazzling pink, ocean waves, scarlet dresses, and other vibrant colors. 

12. Mommy Blogger

There’s a nice mix of cream style and babes going on here. More and more moms are becoming bloggers. And with babies, they don’t have as much free time, so this option is perfect for moms or photographers for baby gentle sessions.

13. Fuji Lifestyle

What makes this set special? Rich tones and fine grain. All of which give a digital photo the effect of a high-quality film photo.

14. Winter Wonder

Of course, this is perfect for a winter photo, especially under the ice or white snow. What else would help you make the snow whiter, the pastels softer, and the ice so azure and shiny?

15. Black mood

Classic black is a winning combination. Especially with white contrasts and tanned skin.

16. Preset for Food Lovers

Delicate cupcakes with buttercream or pancakes with vibrant fruit and chocolate sauce. And it doesn’t matter if you take them in a restaurant or in your own kitchen. This set will help you turn boring photos into delicious, tantalizing illustrations for creating a cookbook.

17. Springtime

Greenery and flowers are all around, with yellow and orange colors mixed in with pastel colors. With this cute set, you can create your own spring mood.

18. Autumn Leaves

Where would you be without fall with its golden and bronze tones all around? Warm and homey images. Very appropriate would be pumpkins of different sizes, coffee, and spices.

19. The City

Contrasting landscapes of sunsets, pointy skyscrapers, and bright advertisements. All are associated with a large, noisy city. 

20. Dreamer

This preset is perfect for traveling and everyday photos. Pictures will be brighter, and more contrasting. The light correction will be added to it. With a few clicks, this preset will turn your photos into a fairy tale.  


All of these kits can safely be described as good Lightroom presets that produce high-quality results. Of course, if you want, you can find hundreds more presets, and each one will be something special. Better yet, create something of your own, something unique, and Skylum will help you do that perfectly.


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