Best iOS Game Emulators of 2024


With Cydia no longer readily available to most iOS users, the one thing they miss the most is the game emulators. Apple doesn’t support console games on iOS, and these emulators were the only way we could play them on the iPhone and iPad. Several emulators have now been made available outside of Cydia, all completely free to use and safe, too, so you needn’t miss out any longer.

ios game emulators 2020

Top iOS Game Emulators for 2020

Out of all those available, we think that these five offer the very best experience for fans of console gaming. We put each one through a thorough test to ensure it works properly and is safe to use. WE didn’t find any issues with any of them so read on to see what we recommend:

NDS4iOS Emulator

NDS4iOS provides users with access to thousands of cool Nintendo games, and if you can’t find what you want, simply download your own from the internet and install them into the emulator app. With plenty of cool features, you won’t need to look any further for your favorite retro games. It supports all iOS devices on iOS 7 and above. You can download it from

GBA4iOS Emulator

GBA4iOS was developed by Riley Testut and, until 2008, could be downloaded from the official app store. However, at that point, Apple patched the exploit that made it available, and the developer had to revamp the app so it could still be used. It offers Nintendo and Gameboy gaming for all users on iOS 9 or below, along with a whole host of features, such as cloud hosting, multiplayer online gaming, and much more.

iNDS Emulator

iNDS emulator provides access to Nintendo DS games on all devices from iOS 7 upwards. With a handy auto-save feature, you will never lose your game progress,  Dropbox sync allows for easy syncing across devices, and there are plenty of in-app customizations. With thousands of games to choose from, you are sure to find something.

HappyChick Emulator

HappyChick emulator offers something different – it supports more than 18 different consoles, including Nintendo, PPSSPP, PS1, and loads more. That means, no matter what your console preference, you should find games to suit, and one-click access makes it even easier to play. It works on multiple platforms, supports iOS 10 and above, offers games from the classics right up to the latest games, and supports multiplayer gaming. With cloud hosting, downloads are fast, and you can play some games over LAN, and record your gameplay, sharing it with your friends via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Delta Emulator

Our final offering is another emulator from Riley Testut and is the follow-on to GBA4iOS. Delta works on iOS 10 or above, offering Gameboy and Nintendo games. If you can’t find what you want in the emulator, you can use the built-in browser to help you find games on the internet and install them. Delta offers plenty of cool features, including one-click play, cloud-hosting for fast downloads, save states, and much more.

How to Download the Emulators?

Downloading the emulators can only be done via another app. You need to choose one of the third-party app stores, such as AppValley, TweakBox, AltStore, and so on. Once you have installed the app store, you can find and search for your chosen emulator app, among other cool apps and games, all free.

Fix Untrusted Developer Error:

The one thing you will face when you try to use these apps on your iPhone or iPad is an Untrusted Developer error. You cant use the app until you fix it, but it’s easy enough to do:

  1. Open iOS Settings > General
  2. Tap on Profiles and find the developer name in the list
  3. Tap it and tap Trust
  4. Close Settings; you can now use your emulator app

All of these emulators work perfectly well on the iPhone and iPad and are all safe to use; most have also been updated to work with iOS 13 too. If you enjoy playing console games on your device, try them all and see which one offers your favorite console games. Feel free to share this with your friends and followers and let us know if you think there’s another emulator app that works just as well.


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