A radar detector is simply a small device whose purpose is to detect the invisible radar waves in the air that are useful in getting speed measurement of our vehicles.

One of the most important advantages of using a radar detector is that if used properly, a radar detector can prove to be a very powerful tool not only for preventing speeding tickets but it can also be used for being aware of other radar-emitting hazards on the road such as construction zones and law-enforcement officers.


Mostly radars are used to identify distance and speed of moving objects. A radar detector emits radio waves at the speed of light.

This radio wave bounces back to the radar device when it hits an object in its path. Based on how long it takes for the radio wave  to encounter the object in its path, and then the time required by the radio wave to reach back to the radar device, the distance between the object and the radar device is calculated.

Points to be noted while buying a radar detector and making sure that it’s worth it are:

  1. Since radar detectors are not generally found in any local shop, one should consider buying them from a reputed online site such as Amazon.
  2. Also, before buying one, one should check whether radar detectors are allowed in his city or not.
  3. It is always better to get a brand new radar detector and make sure that it comes with warranty.
  4. One should always buy these devices from well-known reputed companies.
  5. Always try to escape the shipping cost which generally comes when one orders the detector from a distant place.


  1. Obviously, radar detectors can ease our daily driving experience to a great extent but this is not always the case. Radar detectors can become useless in cases when the police is smart and tricky enough to put speed radars on the back or the front which can be turned on at any moment.  The common radars won’t have enough time detect these hidden radars and may get caught. Also, one should always consider buying a 360-degree radar detector other the blind spots can be a hiding spot for police officers.
  2. Radar detectors can be worthless in cases where we want to go low on budget. Cheaper devices have less life than expected or even worse. The main problem with cheap radar detectors is that they have cheap transmitters which detect the police radars either too late or do not detect at all. They prove to be useless when it comes to detecting police radars. Although high on budget as it costs $400, but Valentine One is one the best radar detectors and last for a long time.
  3. It is always best to go with the latest technology. Using an old radar detector, brings with it the risk of being detected very easily as police are constantly improving radar and laser technology. Modern radars are more accurate and faster in determining the speed of a car. Old devices have an obsolete design and have slow detecting capabilities. Buying an old radar detector is completely a waste of money.


  1. Firstly, radar detectors help us avoid speeding tickets. Anyone who drives car regularly, drives fast at some point of time. Radar detectors are useful in warning about going beyond the speed limits.
  2. Since these devices monitor one’s driving speed, anyone who uses this regularly, has a maintained speed limit. Thus, this device is useful as it increases road safety.
  3. Along with warning drivers about crossing speed limits, radar detectors also warn the drivers about any nearby police presence, thus, saving them from any traffic violation fines as well.


To get a perfect radar detector is an illusion and one can never get only the benefits and no loss by using a radar detector. The best way to make the use of radar detector worth it is to consider all the factors while getting a radar detector and use it wisely.


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