Almost A Hero Tips and Tricks 2021


Almost A Hero is an RPG style Clicker/Idle game that’s much heavier on the RPG than most inert games.

You lead a team of up to 5 (almost) heroes who have major flaws however intriguing gameplay mechanics as you endeavor to raise them from a wild horde of futile simpletons to the real heroes each game needs.

I’ve had a huge amount of fun with this one so I wanted to start a guide despite the fact that Almost A Hero is very unpredictable, so it’s certainly a work in advancement!

almost a hero tips and tricks

On the off chance that you have any inquiries or information to share please post them in the remarks. There will be major updates to this guide in the coming days/weeks, see the Updates area to monitor significant changes. You should read almost a hero beginner guide and secrets.

Almost A Hero Rough Walkthrough:

Being an Idle game, there’s not by any means much you can do “wrong” in an impactful sense, so investigate your choices.

Avoid wasting Gems early on, yet Tokens and Coins can be unreservedly spent like trash and Scraps, while important, are hard to spend “wrong”, at most noticeably bad it’s “not optimal”.

Figure out your heroes’ aptitudes and spend your first arrangement of ability focuses uniformly; perceive how the abilities feel, what they do. You should also check out The Ultimate Douchebag Workout 2 Cheats List

Saving your cults for managers is usually best, however some recharge so rapidly or are so successful at gatherings they’re smarter to spend to advance through waves.

Your first goal is to just advancement through stages until Stage 62 where you get the Compass; this will allow the game to beat Stages, not simply earn cash, while inert.

This makes future Prestige resets substantially less problematic. By Stage 62 you’ll also have a fair grasp on Almost A Hero and a decent determination of heroes.

Each time you Prestige you should look at the Timed Challenges. Now and then they will essentially be incomprehensible until further advancement is made (all permanent advancement affects the two modes; Timed and Adventure), yet when you can open some important treats by beating a challenge.


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