4 Ways to Spend Your Wi-Fi Free Time


With the advent of smartphones, people are always glued to their screens. Given that phones and laptops are a useful piece of technology, uninterrupted use can disturb your life. Sending too much time on the hone can result in poor sleeping habits and the inability to focus. The urge to check your notifications or emails is constant, and you are a slave to technology. That is why it is essential to spend enough time in the real world and maintain a healthy balance. 

There are many mentally stimulating activities you can enjoy while staying away from the internet. These can be performed alone as well as in groups. You can turn Wi-Fi free time into family time by getting your partner and kids to join in on the fun.

  1.     Diamond Painting

One enjoyable yet straightforward activity that can appeal to both kids and adults is diamond painting. It comes under the category of arts and crafts and follows the concept of mosaic art. Diamond painting kits are available in the paint-by-numbers form, where you can apply the diamond-like studs to a surface to create a picture. It is possible to create countless designs using colorful sparkling facets. The application of these diamonds is an easy three-step procedure that proves to be relaxing. You can send hours performing this activity without even realizing it. Diamond painting kits are available in many styles, and you can be as elaborate in your paintings as you want. It is also a useful technique because you can decorate your house using it. Use this as an opportunity to create photo frames or wall hangings by diamond painting. You can coordinate these decoration items with the décor of the room they are going to be placed inside.

  1.     Reading

Reading is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of Wi-Fi free time. It can be reading a hard copy novel or a magazine. Books are a great source of information, and if you can find the time to read, it can be a very productive activity.  Often when we read, we skim over the words, whereas dee reading is an activity that involves immersive reading of the content. It is a slow process where each sensory and emotional detail is taken in. The distinctive experience is not just deciphering the words but also taking in the message. This technique can also be applied to textbooks while studying for a class. Reading a paper-based book is much better because the reader is not distracted by links and notifications and remains involved in the story. Use your quality time to catch up on your reading, and maybe you’ll have something interesting to discuss in your next meeting. You must also read How to do video marketing in 2019?

  1.     Playing Board Games

Board games are an excellent activity for Wi-Fi free time that you plan on sending with others. There are many games available that mentally challenge the players without boring them. You will be laying for hours before you even realize how much time has passed. Board games target the problem -solving art of the brain, which remains switched off when you are browsing the internet or chatting with someone online. Even though most games now have an app version, nothing can beat the joy of physically turning over the board when you are losing. There are also board game cafes springing up all over the place in case you do not have any board games lying at home. 

  1.     Cooking

Cooking is one activity that is done out of necessity as well as a hobby. If you want to take some time away from the screens, then grab an apron and crack out the old recipe books. You can also copy the recipe to a notebook if you do not have any books. This free time can be utilized to prepare meals for the entire week or bake a large batch of sweet treats for your friends. Consider making sauces or condiments that are easily stored in the fridge for more extended periods. Pickling vegetables or making your butter from scratch are some possible cooking-related activities that require a lot of time.


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